What is your best music player app


Sorry to hear that. Be careful with bass boosting apps and always make sure you completely burn in your headphones before you start using bass boost.


I would recommend Pace Focus, bluetooth headphones, comes with a 3.5mm jack and insane battery life…

I am currently reviewing a pair and damn.

If interested, keeppace.net


I have seen the ad on Twitter just waiting for a review lemme say your review if its a good one i will consider it coz am just addicted to headphones cant imagine earphone life again… Could u kindly make it quick


The review is up


Thanks for the review


What do you dislike about earphones?


I just feel uncomfortable with the earphones like after removing them i got this itching feeling kwa ear so i feel like scratching them everytime which ain’t a good idea


Lemme criticize Pace for two reasons i don’t understand how they arrived at the 5500 price tag compared to my JME 01 headphones with nfc which costs 5000 when i bought them from Kilimall what puts me off is lack of active noise cancelation but i will try do research if i can get JME again coz currently they’re out of stock in all online store or get pace alternative once i exhaust all these then i’ll consider pace


Pace Focus,premium headphones for a niche market…thats all i see.


I have never heard about the JME headphones but one thing that has just put me off about them is that 10hrs running time. That’s just kidogo.


5k is premium? I honestly thought that was the standard price for headphones. I need to pay more attention to headphones now.


it is on the higher end,some of us spend between 500 to 2,000 for headphones locally so i would like to think 5k is on the premium side for most of us.


Is JME an on-ear headset? Because Pace focus is over-ear. That’s a very important deet there for me. I don’t want tired ears after a few hours of use.


JME 01 are over the ear headphones by Jua Energy brand


Actually there are headsets of same quality below 3k paying 5500 for Bluetooth only without active noise cancelation is just way too much for me
Then wondering if you’ve never heard of them how do u know they got 10hrs of playback time from my experience with these headphones i charge them at maximum twice a week and am always on the move with them


There’s :point_up_2:the link


That’s what it says on the product page on Kilimall.


What he said


This is for the music lovers out there who want a cheap(ish) pair of headphones that combine really good sound with amazing durability. I’m talking to you @Jhym_idoyo and @Deno05… I stumbled on the Earphones that come bundled with the Galaxy S8 and I’m very impressed by the sound quality. They have dual drivers according to the spec sheet and boy do they sound good!! They have one 8mm driver for mids and an 11mm driver for eardrum-ripping bass. They retail in Kenya for 1,500 KES and I’m glad they sound way better than my (recently sold) 3,500-shilling Sony Mdr-ex150. I washed my Sony Earphones with my clothes and thank God they survived the ordeal. Quite a surprise because I used boiling hot water and had soaked the clothes for 2 hours. They didn’t come out unscathed though, because their bass was much lower after that date with my dirty laundry. These AKG tuned Samsung Earphones are my new daily drivers until I buy another pair of Xiaomi Pros which sound better but, surprisingly, not by much even though they cost 2,500 shillings more.


Try MX player Pro.

Just to add, I’ve seen many people gassing Jet Audio - that’s a terrible app for me