What is your best music player app


Met someone last week who had original Beats by Dre bluetooth earphones, those things were nice man, they were nice ., from the rubber build on the outside, the soft feel and grip on the ear, to the quality of sound, and the bass!! Hands down :raised_hands::bowing_man::raised_hands::bowing_man:., lakini I was discouraged when he said he bought them at 24k :scream:


I bought them from a popular Chinese web store called banggood and used registered air mail for shipping. Gearbest is another one I’ve used quite a bit. Once the package arrives you get a note in your post office box to go collect it. All packages that arrive like this pass through Posta City Square so that you pay tax for them by depositing the VAT into KRA’s cooperative bank account and collect the items. I can import them for you but recommend that you try it out for yourself - it’s easier than you think.


I’m working on a small review of some apps @Jhym_idoyo mentioned so look out for it


UPDATE: I have spent the better part of the afternoon trying to get the Dolby Atmos ports to work on my phone and have finally thrown in the towel😞 There are so many versions but none of them work on my phone. No harm, no foul though - - I’m just happy my phone didn’t give up the ghost. I also noticed that 95% of the Dolby Atmos versions use only software for audio processing which would have been a waste (my phone has a dedicated high-performance audio chip) because I need a solution that supports hardware accelerated audio. I think the manufacturer did a pretty good job with the software so I don’t think I’ll miss anything without Atmos.

I’ve gone the extra mile and tried out the music players that @Jhym_idoyo mentioned earlier without Atmos and here’s my verdict…

Boy, oh, boy! The user interface is like it’s from the gingerbread days! Clearly the developer didn’t take much time on it. Probably to improve the audio quality?

Unfortunately the audio is nothing to write home about. It is flat and has no character whatsoever. Some songs get muddy making it difficult to make out the words. To make things worse, the equalizer doesn’t help at all because it supports only four bands and not even the useful ones! What! This is 2017! This media player is not getting any more of my time. So, what about the rest?

Jet Audio HD
The Soundstage has a bit more depth and the 10-band graphic equalizer is a big improvement compared to Neutron’s offering. There is, however, some range lacking because the equalizer starts at 60 Hz and ends at 13 kHz. If you’re a reggae lover you’ll notice the player’s lack of tuning options for low-range bass which is at around 30-50 Hz. I see that there’s an option to purchase the pro version of Jet Audio to unlock a 20-band equalizer (so that’s where the missing frequencies went!) The Jet Audio default sound effects haven’t changed much from the Windows version and they still aren’t any good. Bass is something that people love in music but the XBass effect fails to impress no matter which song you play. It looks like the effect’s low-pass filter is set too high just like the graphic equalizer. Increasing it just muddies the sound. Further, turning the knob just a little beyond the default causes so much clipping that you wonder why turn it on in the first place. Stereo widening is average and the environment knob only has hall, room, stage, and stadium; too few in my books. The one labeled AGC I presume means Automatic Gain Control but only seems to change volume - I thought it was sound normalization but I was out of luck there.

Unfortunately Jet Audio has buried all the good stuff in the premium version which I evaluated in Windows and they’re quite good. Although not enough to beat my favorite music player which I’ll get to in a bit.

One last thing… Jet Audio shows ads on the player screen which I don’t mind but every few screens it brings up the dreaded full screen ads which I absolutely detest. That alone is enough to make me uninstall any app. Credit where it’s due though and I feel like I could sort of beat Jet Audio into producing the kind of sound I’m looking for but only using the premium version. The lack of versatility on the free app is the deal-breaker.

Player Pro
This music player is a lot more intuitive than the other two and it’s easy to navigate however you want and you can search for a song from almost anywhere. The app itself has acceptable albeit flat sound and gets a little better when you install its separate DSP app.

That’s where the praises end. Although the music sounds okay(ish), things get bad quickly once you start tweaking the equalizer. The built-in presets are very accurate but enabling any of them reduces overall volume too much. I dislike the fact that the Preamp value is tied to the equalizer preset. You could get around that by creating your own preset though. I did that and the volume and sound quality improved. There are separate bass boost and virtualizer knobs beside the equalizer. Unfortunately when I started to increase any of them even a little over 10% the sound started clipping uncontrollably. I had to use the app without these two. Overall in terms of sound quality I’d place this app at number two. The developer has some work to do on those audio effects to make them passable.

It’s definitely my go-to music player because of its excellent sound. In fact the player sounds professional right from the first time you enable the equalizer and various boost effects. By far, PoweraAmp takes the least amount of effort to produce the best sound. I had to struggle so much with the other players to sound acceptably well but even the best settings didn’t bring them close to PowerAmp. Just the instant clarity that you get when you listen to PowerAmp coming from a different player gets my respect. PowerAmp is in a class of it’s own.

I found that it’s the only player that can play a great variety of songs on a single preset. The other ones you have to change things here and there to accommodate different genres. It has a full-range graphic equalizer and the best (only?) limiter I have ever seen on Android. Other music players don’t have any range limiter and are plagued with clipping issues. I’m impressed by how loud songs played in PowerAmp can get before the limiter kicks in. The newest (beta) version of PowerAmp has so many new features that prove that it’s still atop its game. It’s like the developer has reached the limit of what can be done in terms of sheer audio quality so he’s now adding even more things for the fans. The new visualizations are amazing. I also like the reverb settings that allow you to make remarkably realistic environments for your songs. Also coming up is a major overhaul of the User Interface that will bring PowerAmp to par with the best looking players out there.

To summarize all this yammering, here is my ranking of these four music players.

  1. PowerAmp (best overall)
  2. Player Pro (not-so-close second, needs work)
  3. Jet Audio HD (most worthwhile functions are pro only)
  4. Neutron (Nothing going for it.)


With your review on jet audio, I see you will definitely understand why I loooove GoneMad player. Try it and set the equilizer quality at highest before you set up anything. It also supports MP4 – audio only – and a number of high res audio formats. The equilizer starts at a decent 32Hz and it also has a limiter which helps in to avoid clipping – especially for people who set in the values too high.


If a player is good enough you don’t need to boost audio too high (if at all). That’s why iPod and iPhone have the best quality audio of all portable devices. I’ll give gone mad a try.


The quality set highest will result to high power usage but definitely better effect. You can also choose between 2 (pretty pointless) to 10 bands


This sounds average just like the stock music app. Enabling the equalizer makes it slightly better but not by much. It’s bass boost doesn’t seem to work okay.

Isn’t it a bit weird that enabling bass boost does the exact opposite? Turning it on suppresses the bass almost making it non-existent. Does your bass boost work?


I turn off the bass boost and work with the equilizers only and enable limiter. I use over 6dB + or -


Sounds good with high preamp and equalizer tweaks alone but there’s something you’re missing without the boost effects. Bass and treble boost uses low- and high-pass filters to give bass and treble a big increase without affecting the mids. I believe that it’s a necessity for any music player but I don’t see many developers even trying to implement it. I think it’s difficult since most apps don’t have it. That’s why I had to get the premium version of PowerAmp because the boosts are perfectly implemented. It’s got all of the best features of these different players except the user interface which I don’t mind because sound is king in a music player. Soon it’ll get a brand new skin which I’m sure will look fabulous.

One more thing… I’d buy poweramp all over again because the GoneMAD Music Player unlocker costs the same as poweramp. All that money for an inferior product?! No thank you!


I finally got Dolby ATMOS working on my phone and the spatializer is unbelievable. The environment is unlike anything I’ve ever listened to on a mobile phone. It almost reminded me of the audio quality I got from the headphone jack of my Creative ZX sound card on my PC and that’s a huge leap price wise. I tinkered with PowerAmp until it agreed to work with ATMOS. The result was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. The two complement each other quite well. I do all EQ-ing and boosting in PowerAmp and use ATMOS for the virtual environment and loudness equalization leaving the Dolby Intelligent equalizer active. My music has never sounded better. It’s amazing how much you can achieve if you push beyond the predetermined limits.


Did you have to root your device? I would love to try that on my device.


Rooting is something I do to all my phones as soon as I install the latest firmware. You need to be rooted because the ATMOS packages can only be flashed using a custom recovery.

Also, I had gone through so many ATMOS ports and gave up for a while. The one that finally worked was on a discussion thread for my specific phone. I think if there is no port for your specific phone, it will be hard to find one that works.


I recommend Google Play music if you can get your gmail account to work,they offer space to upload 50,000 songs which you can stream anywhere,the UI is beautiful and simple and they have apps for android tv,android phones and web portal.


I am using itune


for desktop,spotify free and itunes are just awesome gems especially in terms of getting access to free music and interesting podcasts.


As you must have noticed by now; I am a tinkerer :sunglasses:. Dolby ATMOS was cool but I found a much better DSP app. It’s called viper4android. This thing has got so many audio filters that it makes PowerAmp seem like a kindergarten project. You can disable all effects in poweramp and create better sound with viper4android DSP app than any previous combination. Strangely enough, using the same v4A profile, PowerAmp still sounds better than other music players without using any in-app effects.

I have noticed that using an equalizer on the media player together with DSP apps like ATMOS is basically layering an equalizer over another equalizer and every time you do that you open the door for noise to creep in. I won’t even get into your headphones’ sound signature because every one is different. Doing a lot of tweaking to sound has a point of diminishing returns and that point is much easier to reach when working with lossy music files (mp3, AAC, m4A etc.) Of course you shouldn’t use these DSP apps with lossless music but you can make exceptions to get your preferred sound but I digress.

Viper4android has impressed me thoroughly over the past few days. I particularly like how easy it is to get someone else’s profile on the internet so that you don’t have to start from scratch.

PS: Having a rooted phone is the easiest way to use viper4android app. If you really don’t want/can’t root your phone, you can change selinux mode from enforcing to permissive via adb commands but Android sometimes tends to change it back on reboot.


Damn you guys went all in on this thread. I think @martingicheru can already approve a full article on music apps from this thread alone. Good reviews and enthusiasm @Peter_Ngure I think you might be just the audio nerd needed for the forum. My take though is that an average user may not have the knowledge or capacity to tweek audio much beyond getting the right app. Poweramp is that average user good experience go to app. Of course there are other options if you want to improve on that as I see you found out. Then in my interaction with musicians I found that good audio is pretty relative. Some want heaviness, other want clarity, others just want vocals on the fore. So again an app that can allow for all that is poweramp in my experience. I have to say this though, Nokia Lumia phones had one of the best audio capabilities for average to cheap devices. Beat some upscale phones hands down.


Definitely, tweak town is not everyone’s comfort zone. I’m just glad to contribute what I can and whenever I get the time to go deep into an issue I will not hesitate.

I agree that audio quality depends on the listener and thus I tried to give my thoughts on how to get the flexibility needed for different people to create their own sound.


Tried poweramp and it was damn great the prblm is my JME headphone left speaker :loud_sound: got spoilt coz of the heavy bass of the app back to looking for great headphones not costing more than Kshs.5500