What is your best music player app


I totally agree with what @echenze said.

PowerAmp is definitely the best music player in terms of audio quality on Android, particularly if your phone uses the CPU for audio processing (lower-end phones.) I used to use a cracked version but eventually got tired of play store detecting that it’s pirated and disabling it. I bought the premium version for $4.99. It’s definitely worth the money and then some. Almost all high-end phones have a dedicated DAC (sound chip) and sound good no matter the music player. However, there are still some audio quality gains with PowerAmp though not as dramatic as on cheaper phones.


Download poweramp HD skins from the store and give them a try


I use Gone Mad music player.


There are no other options.

What do you mean about purchasing power? KES 500 ain’t too much considering that once you buy it, you can keep all those features you love so much forever. Also, you can “gift” it to a close friend. All you need to do is to add your Google account to their device and they can download the full version. I said close friend because they’ll have access to your Google ecosystem so it’s gotta be someone you trust with your private stuff.


Mid- to high-end Mediatek phones aren’t bad at all. Just get one of them and purchase some premium apps. You’ll still be saving a ton of money rather than buy flagship phones of which you’ll not need 40% of the features. This is unless you buy phones just for bragging rights which means you are superficial and care about what others think about you more than you should.


The best experience for me since I started using android in 2012 is the player pro working amazing with precise clarity, boosted low frequency bass and amazing vocal clarity and soround but this is specifically to qualcom devices, when I later got mediatek i couldn’t achieve the same level of sound quality however much I tried. So in the quest for a similar or better alternative I came across neutron music player, with it’s extensive sound tweaking features I could almost replicated the same quality as the player pro on qualcom, but I could swear neutron has a richer bass. For woofer bass lovers this is the top alternative. Though with it’s sound tweaking features I believe I could achieve something for everyone. For those mentioning jetaudio plus. Im soo in. Infact using it right now. It always has this sound balance of the highs, mids and lows that can’t be beaten by any other app, it’s where that low frequency woofer bass wouldn’t distort the vocals. You have to be good at sound tweaking though. Oh… And I have the advantage of dolby atmos. It makes a significant difference. I got the version that can work for any android phone as long as you know about root access and stuff, how to flush it into the system. Any of the three together with dolby atmos and most compatible chipset technology you will achieve your quality sound


Have you tried poweramp music player with the Atmos Mod? I’d like to know if it would be better or worse than the music players you mentioned and if there are any conflicts.


I love simplicity. Google play music does it for me i.e Oflline. Spotify Online


I once installed a ported Atmos on a severely underpowered tecno and it worked well.


I already have a pretty sweet setup and wanted to know if Atmos will add anything to my experience. Kama haujajaribu na PowerAmp let me be the Guinea Pig. I’ll flash it ASAP and post back whether it works or blows my phone up.


Did they stop blocking Kenyan citizens ama you still need a VPN?


I also use it, never had to use a VPN while on premium. But i think you have to use a VPN every once in a while while on the Free tier, not sure though.


So… I’ve sampled all the four apps for the past two days. Thats including the poweramp. By the end of the day, on mediatek to be specific, I find neutron exceptional when It comes to giving that bass experience. (talk about that matatu woofer experience but only more friendly to the ears. You can listen for a very long time without feeling of discomfort on your eardrums, Jet audio still holds its place as outstanding balance of bass, vocals and tunes (instrumentals) this one too you can comfortably listen to all day long (combined with dolby), player pro has been working independent of dolby atmos after i dowloaded its dsp pack. It sounded above avarage as a stand alone package. It’s the ideal for someone without dolby atmos. And finally poweramp I liked its enhanced reproduction of musical instrument sounds. Guitars, piano n stuff. Voice was avarage. Bass compared to the rest wasn’t that good. But still above avarage. By the end of it you know what you like the most. Personally I like the balance of everything plus longterm comfort so I go with jetaudio. When I feel like I need that gentle woofer experience I just switch to neutron. Which ever you choose I can share my screen shots of the optimal settings. N of course concider a good quality earphones to get the experience I’m talking about. Some real high end but affordable brands that i know of are Awei and Asus. Awei es 900, awei es 700, awei es 100 or a Bluetooth version. I’ll confirm model number. Those don’t dissapoint


AWEI? Seriously? Those Earphones are not horribly sounding but they’ve never passed my quality standards. I bought two different pairs and they both broke within 3 months. One side eventually dies even without being mistreated. I now prefer XIAOMI pros; the ones with triple drivers. They cost around $30 and I think they sound as good as $100 Senheisers.

Thanks for the detailed review. I am a PowerAmp fan boy but I’ll give these other players a try with, and without Dolby Atmos.


I bought two different pairs and they both broke within 3 months. One side eventually dies even without being mistreated.

That’s a weakness identified by many. I switched to the Bluetooth version march this year, still great so far, can still hold up to 9 hours of music playback if not more. N now on the 30$ earphone is where I brought in the aspect of purchasing power. Those i mentioned cost about 7$. With the Bluetooth coming @ 15$. The 30$ would definitely be an added advantage. Wonder how dual sound driver would sound on my end


The XIAOMI pro is a triple driver (speaker) earphone. It has two diaphragms for mid and high frequency sound (that’s vocals and tweeter) and one dedicated for bass. It sounds fantastic no matter what you throw at it.

Save up for a good pair of earphones if you’re a music lover. You won’t regret it because a good pair can last more than 3 years of constant use. I have never had pricey earphones die on me. My first pair of what you’d call expensive Earphones was a $22 Creative EP-630 which I used almost 4 years before it got damaged after I had a cycling accident. I often went to bed listening to music and wake up with the earphones tangled all around my neck and hands but they never once developed a problem. Those things were astonishingly strong.


Mmm are the xiaomi earphones available locally or they must be imported?


Not that I know of. I think importing is your only option.


Grrr! Ok.:triumph:


I think you’re in a better position to arrange some for us. How did you get yours