What are some of your Favorite Apps?


Your love for this keyboard is really showing! :grin:


You’re absolutely right!


A list of my best apps over time - not in order of importance

  1. Tick tick - Manages my to-do list
  2. Poweramp - best music app ever.
  3. Soundcloud - streaming kenyan music
  4. Google Chrome - main browser
  5. GuitarTuna - I play the guitar
  6. Flesky - Texting app
  7. Reddit - for the trends
  8. Samsung Health - tracking walks and runs
  9. Shazam - identify music
  10. Bible
    and Asphalt 8


Tell me more about Flesky…


Apps I set up first:

  1. Telegram (mostly for work nowadays, bots and stickers got old)
  2. WhatsApp for obvious reasons (seriously,it is challenging to get laid without a WhatsApp correspondence because, ‘enthusiastic consent’ is a thing now)
  3. Eazzy Banking App because I don’t like incurring bills when paying bills.
  4. Twitter and Facebook to catch up on aunties who upload questionable selfies and question KP’s slowness in sending prepaid power tokens.
  5. Shazam to identify select good songs in loud mats on my way home.
  6. Spotifiy to illegally stream music.
  7. Fantasy Football to showcase my terrible Wenger-fueled managing skills.
  8. LinkedIn because I gotta press that LIKE button for former, ambitious classmates.


I did not see telegram Topping the list but hell yeah. its an awesome app :joy:


Spotify hasn’t caught up with you yet?


You’re using patched (Pro) App? @abuyaslife


They did (https://m.gsmarena.com/spotify_is_going_after_users_that_pirate_its_premium_service-news-29958.php). However, I’m sure a fix will be in by the end of the week.


I was. Just reverted to the official all. Let me see how it goes.


Speaking of Spotify, received this mail making me delete the app


I have never used it! :joy:


How do you gt the app? Playstore being telling me i’m not allowed to use it in my “s**t hole country”. Does side loading help?


For me whenever i download apps on my phone i usually categorize and group them inside folders specific to their function. I have 10 Folders created in my app drawer but i will only mention/describe apps in folders i mostly use.

1. Phone
-Truecaller - The only app worth mentioning inside this folder. I prefer using its Dialer/Contacts/Messaging features over the phones stock dialer/contacts/messaging apps.

2. Xperia (These are apps that came pre-installed in the phone which i often use)
-File Commander Pro - This is my go to file manager.
-Sony Music - My Preferred Music Player

3. TV & Music
-Live NetTV (not on Playstore)- For Watching Live TV e.g Sky Sports Premier League, Bein Sports, NatGeo Wild, Sky Movies Premier etc
-Terrarium (not on Playstore)- For watching and informing me of my favorite Series & Movies.
-MX Player - My preferred Video Player (Live NetTV and Terrarium depend on it for streaming)
-Videoder (not on Playstore) - For capturing/downloading any video/image on any social media site or website i.e instagram, youtube, facebook, twitter etc
-Mixcloud - Sometimes listening to music singles becomes boring, this is my go to app for streaming DJ mixes
-Shazam - identify music wherever i am for purposes of downloading them later to add to my music library.

4. Office
-Excel - i religiously use this practically everyday to check/update/balance my financial sheets on the go, Its synced to my Laptop/PC Excel sheets so i can continue from where i left off.
-Word - editing and reading work documents on the go. Also synced to my Laptop/PC.
-Onedrive - Where all my office and personal documents are stored. Synced to both my Laptop/PC.
-Evernote- I’ve been using this app since forever, i prefer it to Google Keep.
-Adobe Scan- According to me this scanning app has surpassed all the other scanner apps I’ve ever used. It has stored my scans from the date i started using it, Its a life saver especially when it comes to scanning important receipts which can be referred to in future.
-Adobe Acrobat- Syncs with my adobe account to view documents i was reading/viewing on my PC or scanned with Adobe Scan.
-Bible (You Version) - For listening to Morning devotions, word of the day and random verses in the morning.
-Calculator- (Stock Phone App) - i use it daily.
-Eazzy Banking-

5. Football
-Betin Kenya (not on Playstore) - Sportpesa app is just crap, Betin is smoother, easier to search games, has snappier loading times and is more user friendly.
-Flashscore- Lets just say after Carol Radull introduced me to this app I’ve never looked back. A very user friendly sports analysis app.

6. Shopping
-17Track - Reliable tracker used to track my online orders for free and without ads.
-CBA Loop - easiest way to manage my card for online purchases.
-OLX - used for checking market prices for products so that i can set my bargaining range. (nisigongwe)
-Ebay - Online Shopping
-Amazon - Online Shopping

7. Other

  • NCC - For paying Nairobi parking fees
  • Internet Speed Meter Pro - for displaying my internet speed and amount of data used in the notification bar. It also helps in monitoring my network connection/availability anytime while browsing.
  • Tracker Home - my car tracker management app

The other apps are just the kawaida ones mentioned here no need to mention them again.

What social networks are you active on?

You’re quite organized.
For me, I hate folders :smiley:


Load up your favourite vpn, sign up on the spotify website. Get the apk from a reputable website( basically apkmirror), sideload, sign in with the same credentials. Enjoy your trial then join the rest of us plebs in free streaming. Sign in through the vpn about monthly tu.

or just Deezer.


Tried Deezer and it seemed ok. I found everything I wanted on there. I think they even have a larger catalog compared to Spotify’s.

Is Spotify better?


imo, yes, the playlists on spotify joh, great for discovering new music.


I have used both and I think sideloading spotify on pc is the best method… on android, some features dont work… I have tried with at least three phones searching for songs and all I get is an “error occurred.” but its good at creating playlists, especially through the windows app. I like deezer cuz imo they got better audio and you also dont need to sideload it. Nonetheless, the free version of both, you will hate deezer.


Guys, I dont want to create a new topic, but, which app do you use for making calls through the internet? Of all the apps I have used (za kawaida tu: whatsapp, telegram, fb messenger, skype(basic), google duo… etc), I found google duo to be almost as good as making a normal call. There is no delay (ka ile ya whatsapp unategea 2 seconds kuskia mtu), simple to use. I would recommend duo for videos and voice calls.