What are some of your Favorite Apps?


What’s annoying about SwiftKey? Please shed some more light on what you hate about it.


There’s nothing in particular, Its just I don’t like its colors and looks. Also, its just one of those apps that jump occupying large space as if its a competition or something. (If you Add customized words, skins/themes etc)


You can change the keyboard size, theme, color. I think they even have a custom theme thingy.

My installation is around 80 mb. I have almost all themes downloaded (each is a few kbs). Words do not use any significant space.

I think you just don’t like it. You don’t have a reason why but you just don’t like it because the reasons you mentioned are not concrete.

If you mentioned the few milliseconds of lag the newer versions has added that would have been understandable.


Swiftkey made a lot of sense, until Android integrated ‘swyping’ to its native keyboard. Then, Gboard became standard, with theme/emoji/emoji search/gif support… and it keeps getting better.

One feature on Swiftkey that I’d want Gboard to have would be the word suggestions based on SMS, twitter, fb messages… that was a smart feature.


Swiftkey does not have access to the internet on my phone and I still find the word suggestions to be much better than most keyboard apps I have tried.


Me too :angry::angry::angry: I forced my girlfriend some time back to uninstall this thing. I hate 3rd party keyboards and launchers, unless its from google (I just use gboard). At this time I dont find any significance of these customization. If you need pure android, just get phones which have them, otherwise stick to the skin you chose :joy::joy:


At least I got a backup. Thank you @Omgitsdes


Hey, I’ve tried the said file transfer Apps, My Gosh! Send anywhere is too slow. Dukto & FilesGo dont support Web version so they’re locked out automatically


Dukto has a Windows client in case you are using it to transfer files between your PC and phone. It is very light.


How is Files Go?


Files Go is for freeing up space last time i checked it cud notify u on apps u dont use and give u a prompt to either uninstall the app to free up space instead i did uninstall it coz it didn’t help me i use all my apps even though not all daily


Thought someone mentioned it could be used for file transfer, I will have a look at it.


Yap. It has WiFi direct sharing just like ShareIt and Xender.

It also encrypts files before sending them, unlike ShareIt and Xender.


mr @Pascal, check again. It has a Transfer feature either to another phone with FilesGo or WiFi Direct


Okay checking it out asap


sijui ka ni mimi peke yake, but Filesgo seems uncooked. It keeps asking me to uninstall apps that I use on daily basis… ati I havent used them in a long time


I don’t find it useful. Freeing space even googlephotos does that or Filemanager.


But you guys know Files Go was meant to be used on devices with 16GB internal storage or less. Maybe that’s why you power users don’t find it useful.


I’m quoting you because the reply option lately just ignores that I tapped the reply button and posts the message inline.

Anyways, SwiftKey has tons of skins that fix your appearance problem. On the latest versions you can even create your own custom theme right on the keyboard.

About RAM usage, almost all apps’ RAM usage spikes from time to time. What’s important is how optimized the app is to run in low memory situations. Usually you rarely realize when a certain app uses a lot of memory because it releases it very quickly. Average memory usage is more important than peak usage because apps can not use maximum memory all at once. If your phone has 2GB of RAM or less I can see how high memory apps can be a problem but as far as keyboards go, SwiftKey is not much different from other third-party apps.


There are still many things that SwiftKey does better such as the floating keyboard, resizable keyboard, intelligent clipboard, split keyboard, backing up learned words to Google drive, and more. I also like the fact that SwiftKey shows no ads or promotional material of any kind. Anyways, I can go on and on but I am not trying to push an app on anyone. I just mentioned the apps that I use as per the thread topic. What anyone chooses to use is up to them.