Went to buy TCL from Luthuli ended up buying a Syinix - It's Awesome!


Tuseme you just have a budget for t.v na hauna pesa ya home theatre…


I have not had a home theater for the last 7 years since my house got 2am guests and they took every movable electronics.


You are opposite of a friend I have. His TV was stolen wakaacha home theatre. I think for a decade now hajawahi shughulika kununua t.v.


Well Said Ayden


Who are these guests?


@kissykennysmatt thieves.


Eish! Thats not good


How do you watch things on TV…like movies etc?


I have a laptop at home for that via HDMI, plus a TV has USB port.


Smart TVs are too overated. I’m yet to try one at home.


No, the sound part. Are really TV speakers your daily drivers?


No they are not. I think based on personal experience I use my Smart Tv mostly because of its Smart features. 90% of the time I will be streaming something and 10% of the time I will be watching local news.


They actually are, my house is not big, so that sound reaches the whole room, including the kitchen at less than half the volume.


Anyone with a Samsung of 40" and above can attest to it. Most TV makers don’t pay attention to sound. Including Samsung for T.Vs below 40".

Hii t.v niko nayo hadi watu huuliza kama kuna home theatre nawashow sina. Sahio volume iko 20 and it goes all the way to 50. Sijawahi pita 30.


Well it is still uprising. What is a movie if there are no rumbles every time an explosion goes off?


I am sort of an audiophile and the most annoying thing about TV speakers is that they will definitely start clipping after three-quarters of the volume on the way up. Also when they are loud they sound terrible. Note this is for most TV sets - average ones - not the flagships.


:rofl::rofl: I can see we have the same preferences brother :joy:. I can’t watch movie comfortably without the rumbling bass during action (the reason I prefer watching good movies kwa theatre, sound is always on point!). But when am working I don’t like too much rumbling, and good TV speakers can come in handy when trying to keep up with current events and you are at a distant position.


I do like all of this, but somehow this absence hasn’t bothered me.


LOL hata mimi niko na Sony flani hapo inachuna hewa mbaya mbovu… I swear hizi woofer za 3K haziwezi ipinga


Kabisaa. 40" and below ndiyo unapata sound quality iko chini.