Went to buy TCL from Luthuli ended up buying a Syinix - It's Awesome!


Hahahaha you are sweet!


Hahaha. Pole bro.


Does anyone have a link as to what the Bigbox is all about really? The one version I know is that it is dumb and slow - from a test at a shop back in the day when it was all big on advertisement as opposed to functionality.


Looks like we at Techweez aren’t escaping testing Bigbox 2, huh?


Carry to shagz a fridge guard too or any other power stabilizer… alternatively don’t switch it on when electricity goes dim


After kuchokora I can say Samsung/LG/Sony wako league yao. It failed my fullHD test. Can’t come close to the Samsung N5100 even when on power saving mode where graphics and picture quality is reduced (on the N5100).

I have googled but it seems there is no Samsung N5100 TV. It keeps showing tablets and phones.


i think he meant M5100, not N. there is definately M, mine is an M 5000 series too.


haha this is interesting


What a difference a letter can make!


I’m sorry guys. Ndiyo nimetoka mashimoni. I mean mashambani.

Yes a letter can make a huge difference. Sijui naeza aje sahau model no. ya TV I watch kila siku. Oooh it’s 4 years old now if I’m not wrong again :joy::joy::joy::joy:




time watu wali spend kufikiria ni model gani uko nayo haionekani inafaa you compensate them :joy::joy:



I hope you guys won’t take me to the


Karibu nifikirie unataka kusema M5000 model ni 4 years old :joy::joy::joy:
Do they still make H?


Siko sure juu hii nilitafuta karibu wiki mzima. H5000 zilikua kiasi pia. So I guess ziko extinct by now.


Hebu mni advise. Which is the best non-smart TV brand with a budget of 30-40k?


I suggest you go with Samsung. For 40K you can secure Samsung 40" Full HD TV. Pia LG/Sony unaeza angukia but durability and sound quality is the reason I’m going for Samsung. Hizo T.V especially 40" hukua na speakers mwenda.


@deewinc I like samsung a lot. Which specific models can I get at that budget?


Not sure if I can help you out but God willing planning an upgrade before end year. Tunaeza enda window shopping pamoja.


He can get a Samsung UA40M5000 40" non smart tv, full HD. it goes for 40k pale Hotpoint. Otherwise anaeza chukua the smart version little brother, a Samsung 32" UA32J4303DK for 32k. The 40" smart 5000 model (series 5) goes for 50k.

FYI, the prices listed here are from Hotpoint.co.ke. Am their customer and I can verify they deal with genuine Samsung/LG TVs and other appliances at “non-exaggerated” prices. please feel free to check elsewhere :grin:.


I think relying on a TV for it’s sound quality is wrong.