Went to buy TCL from Luthuli ended up buying a Syinix - It's Awesome!


i think he meant M5100, not N. there is definately M, mine is an M 5000 series too.


haha this is interesting


What a difference a letter can make!


I’m sorry guys. Ndiyo nimetoka mashimoni. I mean mashambani.

Yes a letter can make a huge difference. Sijui naeza aje sahau model no. ya TV I watch kila siku. Oooh it’s 4 years old now if I’m not wrong again :joy::joy::joy::joy:




time watu wali spend kufikiria ni model gani uko nayo haionekani inafaa you compensate them :joy::joy:



I hope you guys won’t take me to the


Karibu nifikirie unataka kusema M5000 model ni 4 years old :joy::joy::joy:
Do they still make H?


Siko sure juu hii nilitafuta karibu wiki mzima. H5000 zilikua kiasi pia. So I guess ziko extinct by now.


Hebu mni advise. Which is the best non-smart TV brand with a budget of 30-40k?


I suggest you go with Samsung. For 40K you can secure Samsung 40" Full HD TV. Pia LG/Sony unaeza angukia but durability and sound quality is the reason I’m going for Samsung. Hizo T.V especially 40" hukua na speakers mwenda.


@deewinc I like samsung a lot. Which specific models can I get at that budget?


Not sure if I can help you out but God willing planning an upgrade before end year. Tunaeza enda window shopping pamoja.


He can get a Samsung UA40M5000 40" non smart tv, full HD. it goes for 40k pale Hotpoint. Otherwise anaeza chukua the smart version little brother, a Samsung 32" UA32J4303DK for 32k. The 40" smart 5000 model (series 5) goes for 50k.

FYI, the prices listed here are from Hotpoint.co.ke. Am their customer and I can verify they deal with genuine Samsung/LG TVs and other appliances at “non-exaggerated” prices. please feel free to check elsewhere :grin:.


I think relying on a TV for it’s sound quality is wrong.


Tuseme you just have a budget for t.v na hauna pesa ya home theatre…


I have not had a home theater for the last 7 years since my house got 2am guests and they took every movable electronics.


You are opposite of a friend I have. His TV was stolen wakaacha home theatre. I think for a decade now hajawahi shughulika kununua t.v.


Well Said Ayden


Who are these guests?


@kissykennysmatt thieves.