Washing machines and brands you can trust


@Stiffler254 machine washing powder or soap is significantly expensive compared to handwashing soaps, but you use so little that, it makes it dirt cheap, Power wise even with the heater on to about 60 degrees the power is negligible, water is of course less than handwashing, shilling for shilling, a washing machine is cheaper than handwashing if you factor in the extra time you have, the cleaner clothes that last longer.
@martingicheru you can also soak in a front loader, the inbuilt heater is not expensive, I did a cotton cycle at 90 degree water and used less than 1 unit.


@kiharajon kuna kitu inanisumbua, how did you solve the piping issue? Coz the connecting pipes that come with washing machines are short. I plan to place my washing machine in a room designated for laundry and the bathroom tap to feed the machine is far away, let alone the drain hole. Have you connected yours with extra pipes to reach your tap ama machine yako iko karibu na tap. Also where/how do you drain the machine waste water? Did you connect extra pipes for this?


This will be necessary, fortunately for me one of my bathrooms is large, so could accommodate the machine and shower without problems. The technician fitted a T below the bathroom sink and connected plastic pipes to the machine, then drain was easy as the machine was right next to it. He also pulled power from a socket in the balcony, then passed it via the bathroom window.


Lucky you, a colleague in the office also said her washing machine was installed on her balcony, the drain pipe and electricity connection were not an issue coz they were right there on the balcony no additional pipes or cables were needed but as for the water inlet pipe she had to buy an extra long pipe to go all the way to her bathroom tap for connection.


No it’s not complicated, get extension pipes you can be connecting when doing laundry, the machines usually has a drain pump so no problem with extensions. with connections there are either the screw ons or the clip ons which come with your machine.
For me being a mjengo guy I did the piping myself, I used my wash hand basin, got a two outlets tap and drilled my drain pipe into the sink drain pipe so i am sorted.
I will share this photos to show my contraption, don’t mind the blue stain it’s just split handwash

As you can see, I can still use my wash hand basin, while having the washing machine ready to go, I just pop in the clothes and press start, the drain is juakali kabisa there is the option of putting the u shaped sink drain to drain directly into the sink but I didn’t like that, it works for me and cost me only 500 for the double tap.


What do we call that joint with black knobs? Are they for turning on/of the water for the two pipes?


it’s a tap it allows me to change the sink water inlet into two one goes into the machine and the other into the machine, the knobs are for turning the water off for either, it’s 500 only the pipe with blue comes with the mchine.


So today was D-Day i went to our neighborhood Tuskys (Rongai) to purchase a Washing Machine (i decided to get the LG 7KG#FH2G7QDY5). I could see their December offers were already in top gear on a majority of selected products and this got me excited as i walked towards the Home Appliances section in anticipation of a massive price drop from the kawaida 59,995/- it had been retailing at only to realize they had only reduced it by 1,495/- making it 58,500/- smh. To top it all off they had the audacity of marketing it as previously 68,000/- now 58,500/- and we all know that for the longest time while window shopping for them they had always been retailing at 59,995/- in all shopping outlets.

The worst is Von Washing Machines December Deals, Their 6KG and 7KG variants have for the longest time been retailing at 44,995/- and 49,995/- respectively only for them to place discount stickers claiming they have reduced while in real sense the before and after prices haven’t changed one bit.

Hii ni kuchezea customer akili aone kuna deal hapa but in real sense they are still buying them as they would’ve bought them even before the December Deal checked in smh.

Samsung Washing Machines haven’t been affected by the discounts they still have the same prices they had previously. Meanwhile I’m now waiting for Tuskys to deliver my LG Washing Machine to my house :grin:


They have increased the “real” price :joy::joy::joy:


You know what I learnt? Always do your window shopping throughout the year and in different places. I bought an LG 32inch at 22k only to get it at a certain Maathai Supermarket at 35k.
Don’t trust December marketing gimmicks either. But that Von Hotpoint? Daylight robbery how could they.


People like seeing the word Discount… It doesn’t matter from what …! As long as it is a discount