Washing machines and brands you can trust


This is important to know. I did not know that level is important when installing one.

Btw, from what I have gathered, am I right to say that Von Hotpoint is more reliable than Ramtons?


I’m at Naivas Buruburu na huku the 7kg machine is 59,995/-. The attendant informs me in the LG washing machine only the Motor part has the 10year warranty, the rest of the parts in the machine have a 2year warranty.


That sounds really good. 10 year warranty for a major part is a deal good enough.




I have the model pictured above, the drum is huge and will serve a family well especially those with newborns, I have no complains and madam is happy, water consumption is down in the house.
The ten year warranty gives you peace of mind on the component that usually fails in most machines the motor.


It seems the price for all LG washing machines is constant in all Supermarket outlets even at Carrefour The Hub the 7kg goes for 59,995/-.

Now there is an attendant at Carrefour who is well versed with these washing machines. We went through most washing machines like the US made Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, Ramtons, Candy, Beko and many others which they all had in stock and spent almost an hour talking about their Pros and Cons. Granted Machines with belts and pulleys are the worst washing machines you could ever buy (sorry samsung) but according to him, the best when it comes to washing machines is definitely the German made Bosch and he had facts to back it up. First of all it’s all about their Motor. Nobody makes machines as meticulous as the Germans do. Their motors are unrivaled, robust, the design, it’s performance, technology implemented and the materials used to make it is unlike any other. I had a look at it from the brochure provided and true it looked very serious and different it made the LG motor look like a toy. And if you thought LG was quiet while washing, Bosch tops them all by being silent thanks to the Motor design and technology used.

Their drum perforations also aren’t like the other machines. The pattern used to perforate the drum is not only there for water to seep in and out but scientifically calculated and designed in a way minimal water is used at a maximum while at the same time washing garments gently with the water movement pattern adapted from the skewed holes. (you can see the hole pattern from the brochure, all their machines had it) non of the other machines had this pattern, they were all perforatted normally.

I asked about Bosch support here in Kenya and he told me all Hot Point Centres support Bosch the biggest and oldest one being at Sarit Centre and dared me to go to any Hot Point Repair Centre and ask for any repair history done on Bosch Washing Machines. It’s practically zero Bosch motors just don’t break down. What i’l get is the likes of Ramtons (they top the list) Whirlpools, Candy, Bekos, Von, Samsungs and the occassional LG (rare). At Carrefour, the first 5 are the brands they get the most breakdown complaints from but are yet to get one from a Bosch consumer.

At this point i take a look at Bosch and damn the machine is ugly. Granted Samsungs are the best when it comes to looks those machines are just too beautiful to look at with their tinted door windows and curvy design but Bosch just looked horrendous. The knob was just there with a painted indicator on it, no LED lights just your kawaida display panel with buttons and no touch panel like the rest of the other machine brands the damn thing looked so manual and retro it hurt.

I point this out and this is where things get interesting, the attendant asks me, "What do you think is the number one fault complaint we get when it comes to washing machines? No not the belts and pulleys but the led lights surrounding the knob, led displays and the touch panels. These are usually the first to go or malfunction and Samsungs are notorious for this. It doesn’t happen immediately, but after a couple of years or three. Why do you think the motor is given a 10 year warranty while the other parts 2 years? It’s because they are aware of this fact. When such happens you can’t operate the machine like you used to thus bring it back for repair but you’ll have to pay for maintenance since the 2 year warranty window period has passed. Bosch doesn’t use these fancy lights, touchpads and LED lights, instead it has a painted line as an indicator on the knob (now how is that going to break down). “As for the simple design you’re talking about”, he points at a Bosch banner in some aisle, “take a look at Bosch motto.”


It’s not about the beauty but the functionality, the motor like you saw doesn’t break down easy it’s top notch, the outside buttons also don’t fault easily like the rest, you are sorted for life thats why they say Bosch products are invented for life.

At this moment i now get torn between LG and Bosch and take a look at the prices between the two machines and start scratching my head

7kg 1200rpm 59,995/-
8kg 1400rpm 68,995/-
9kg 1400rpm 79,995/-

6kg 1000rpm 59,990/-
7kg 1200rpm 72,990/-
8kg ~ forgot to check, but i remember the price was way up there

“Boss, usiangalie pesa, a 1500cc benz cannot be the same price as a 1500cc Toyota, the price just tells you which motor is the Beast and worth its salt” and with that the guy excused himself to attend to some customers in the microwave section.

Hapa naona nikingoja December vile prices hushuka then make my move between these two brands.


That was a serious and conclusive research. Thank you very much @Krizwech.

Next issue we are yet to discuss: the quantity and what clothes you can or can’t wash with your machine.
For clarity, can the 7kg machine for instance, wash a duvet or a blanket. @kiharajon help on that.
@Krizwech you could also enquire if this Bosch 6kg is too small for such heavy clothes.


@Krizwech it took me like 2 months to settle on LG, siemens and bsch had very ugly, expensive, slow rpm and small drums so I kicked them out, LG was the next best thing so I settled on it.
@Deno05 My LG is Huge I have those big curtains and the first thing I did to test it was to stuff them in, they came out clean, I did a duvet it came surprisingly dry and some stains on it were gone, then I did some towels on the 90 degree hot water, I had forgotten my towel was white, then I cleaned those supermarket pillows they came out pretty much dry and clean. for now anything in my house has been cleaned, although for pullovers you need to select the wool cycle which is gentle on them otherwise they will stretch.
The shirts just need 30 or 60 minutes cycle, if you are a mjengo guy like me you might need to pretreat the collars by applying the liquid machine soap on the collar area before tossing them in especially for whites.
Another important thing is to leave your machine open after washing to prevent mold and bad smell, just leave the door a bit open always, and wipe the rubber gasket at the bottom where some water collects.
7 kg is the sweet spot, 8-9 are almost equal to 7 10+ is for huge families.


Common problem, I want to buy a brown one :joy::joy:

I think LG is the to-go “guy” for low budget. Bosch is good but expensive.
I want to believe these things have elaborate instructions on how to wash. Who would have thought you need water up to 90°C to clean a towel? And application of the liquid machine soap on collars and I suppose stains? In fact, this was my concern.
I think I now know roughly 80% or more about washing machines.


So my research was either inconclusive or not good as I ended up considering the Samsung top load. I’ve had it for 4 months now, I wouldn’t say I complain. I understand the side loads clean better, but the top load offered the advantage of opening the drum at any time, soak clothes and also a bigger drum. Bigger drum for cheaper, so good for duvets and towels.

But with the space issue in Nairobi houses, a side load would have given better use of space.


I wouldn’t say that. Your issue was a bigger drum and so you got it at a relatively low cost. If it does the job then it’s good so to speak.


Let me leave this one here. Have a look at it as you buy your machine.


After this eye opening thread, any aspiring washing machine buyer who has already bought the LG/Bosch washing machine yet? Asking for those of us still waiting for the December Sale to check in and cash in. Tumechoka kuleta mama wa kufua nguo kwa nyumba.


@kiharajon has an LG. He said it is good and effective.


Key words here is ‘After’ and ‘Aspiring’, meaning those who after reading this thread (the research and @kiharajon LG feedback) decided to purchase one, i know @kiharajon has it and had bought it long before the thread. Nataka wale wamenunua after kusoma maoni ya raia


I got a 9kg top load specifically because I could get that large drum for less and with that it won’t be a problem washing duvets. served me well so far. It however isn’t a place to put in heavily soiled clothes. But good thing again is that with top load you can soak clothes.

Top load vs side load have trade-offs each. I miss some things on side load, like better wash performance and ability to use the space on top of the washing machine as storage.


Hadn’t really considered getting a washing machine. But am tempted now to go for one. One thing that hasn’t come out clearly though what is the approximate Cost for a washing machine per wash.
Just estimates including electricity, n powder .


Well, what I have gathered so far from the thread is:

  1. A good washing machine should at least have a heater and different temaparature settings of course
  2. You need to pretreat stains before you toss clothes into the drum.
  3. Machines with belts and pulleys may not have a long life compared to the ones with direct motor.
  4. The direct motor machines are silent.
  5. IMPORTANT: Use a spirit level when installing especially the side load.
  6. Side load give better wash on heavily soiled clothes @martingicheru can confirm.
  7. Top load have bigger drums than side load at equal price.
  8. Tumble dryers dry better than a washing machine with dry function (a separate machine unfortunately)
    And other nitty gritties…

I settled on a Von Hotpoint HWF-608S – purchasing power you know haha. (Anyone with information on this help a brother).
I will recommend the LG FH2G7QDY5 to someone else who sought help on this. Thanks to @kiharajon for info concerning the LG and generally, Washing machines.


I did try to avoid this because the electricity consumption on a heating machine will be significant, easier to add hot water from gas heating. Reason a top load looked interesting.

This information I got from my research when I was buying mine. But also that the top load are more durable than side load.

This is what I got from e-zone


Ultimately, there are compromises to make it seems.

I thought you had a side load earlier. I have also learnt the same from research. I have also seen from the manuals and controls as I window-shop in markets that the sideload like the LG, could have a variety of movements for better wash.
A heating element for sure could make a significant hike on your electric bills @kiharajon please shed light on consumption. Hopefully, temperature settings are optional.

I guess poor leveling can significantly affect the sideload machines considering the mechanics hence the need for a spirit level. On a side load the weight literally hangs on axels compared to a top load whose weight of your wash sits evenly spread on the axle.

Interestingly @martingicheru the Von Hotpoint I pointed earlier is at the same price as the Samsung. I won’t allow myself to just get lured into a known brand :blush::blush: