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Just one question… I understand that the agents/whomever sends information to the app developer uses the official tally reported by the IEBC returning officer. If that’s the case, what makes me, an aspiring governor, to pay you 25k to give me the information that will be on my TV screen in a couple of minutes? Can you help me understand what you are selling here?


Thank you @Peter_Ngure, Note that currently aspirants gets results from their agents through phone calls, one has to consolidate all results manually and then analyze, we are automating this process.
For the results to appear on TV it takes time and the aspirant cannot rely on these results.
We are giving the candidates a better choice.


So IEBC doesn’t know what it’s doing? [quote=“Amugox, post:22, topic:1447”]
all results manually and then analyze,

Ever heard of EXCEL ama Google Docs


I’m telling you if we team up with @BoazKE it’s gonna turn into a lynch mob. I can blow holes all over your business model and the product and its reliability (or lack thereof) but no need. I understand you’re an entrepreneur trying to cash in during this election period - - I can respect that.


Dibs on Senator.


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Kama ni politics I call dibs on Sherrif to administer justice like the wild West. Si kuwa softie kama hawa wasee huchaguliwa wanapotelea Nairobi for the next five years.


Thank you for your feedback, we also respect your opinion


We have our latest version 1.0.4 on google play store, check it out


It would be easier to share the link with us here directly