Uber for Shags? Is it possible? Anyone? Let's Discuss


Hello guys. Tumeona taxi apps mingi zimejaa everywhere. But I’m thinking, is it possible to have an Uber-like app for long distance destinations?

Currently, we have people who operate personal Toyota Noahs mostly as PSVs for long distance trips. There is a challenge that exists when it comes to locating the chwoms most of these Noahs operate from. I understand that they mostly lack PSV licences and drivers are not approved by NTSA to operate PSVs.

Can someone think of introducing such an uber-like ecosystem to connect long distance travellers with these Noah operators? Personally I find them comfortable and spacious. The only risk ni mnaeza kamatwa na NTSA or the driver might not be a certified PSV driver awatupe jangwani.

That said, the people that invest in developing such an app should think of aspects such as certification for drivers, registering the vehicles as taxi psvs, etc.

Is this possible? Rather than operate as PSVs, this service can operate as taxis or hired cars. Let’s discuss.


hahaha :sweat_smile: maybe it can work, but it could be so expensive


Break it down. Investor apate free tips. Si mbaya pia :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Unless the person creates an app in such a way that it operates like uberpool, whereby those with cars leaving to shags can indicate that on the app and those travelling can ask for a ride. However, it should be cheaper than matatus and should not have overloading issues :grin:


In fact, they can begin like showing vehicle and seats availability and fixed pricing on routes instead of using distance+time pricing.


Brilliant I think… I believe they can be cheaper than hiring a car for 3 or 4 days to tour shagz


How now…?!
The two can’t be comparable.
Taxi won’t give you the flexibility of hiring…!


I think you are describing car hire services. You can get a car and drive yourself to ushago or get a car and a driver to take you there. The only new thing that can be created is an option of pooling with friends or people you know ama those headed in the same direction. Like a high end matatu :grinning:


The airline business operates that way, you book a seat many days before travel, seat prices cater to costs for when the plan may not leave full.

This prior booking is necessary, such that a driver knows that they have a quorum for a certain date, and may even end up determining whether the trips can be daily or, say three times a week and people have to work with that.


Not really car hire. This one the car owner is in complete control of everything. The driver and cost of fuel.

With car hire there is no way you’ll find people travelling the same direction you are going that are going to take the same duration you are going to spend in shags and travel back with you.

So with UBER SHAGS it’s sort of those popular Toyota Noah vans that make trips to and from shags everyday. The problem is, these vehicles are not licensed to operate as PSVs and the drivers are not NTSA and PSV certified.

They mostly operate in hideouts in the CDB so developing this app and platform to link them which customers can be ideal. Wewe unasafiri ukifika shags forget about taking the car to your shamba. The guy cab owner will get clients to travel back with them to Nairobi.



Maybe the guys don’t want to be registered with Ntsa or Certified for a reason… .


Of cos they don’t want to pay licenses. Also, most of those cars are hired or borrowed from friends, most if which are unaware of what their cars are used for.