Tv Screen Issues


Some bottom section of the Tv is Fuzzy/ blurred. 70% of the screen is okay. Anyone experienced the same and how to go about solving it


Have a read of this and see if it helps:


OMG,your TV is a sony…hmmmm so its began,kindly check my experience thread on what happened to my first panel,alternatively consult your seller and sony customer support if you can.If my guess its correct,your screen will continously degrade then will go dark at some point,the only solution is panel replacement,you can try doing a firmware/software update first but if it doesnt resolve be ready for some pain…


I sold one Kidney to get the TV, looks like the other one has to also go…


The issue developed without any drops or mishandling?


i suspect some mishandling or reckless holding when moving…


I have used the screen for a while now, 8 months. It’s only recently when the screen started Ghosting, which gradually expands. Am suspecting it could have been triggered in the course of transporting a while back, but the effects delayed…


have you tried updating the TV’s firmware/software?


Yeah. No success there … …


When SONY switched from Samsung to Japan Display and Sharp for panels, the quality of their TVs has dropped.