TV Purchase Advice


Hey guys, I need a new TV with a budget of 20-30k. The problem is, most of the TVs I find on Jumia or any other website have bad reviews. For instances, some are advertised as 1080p but those who have bought them claim its 720p and some of the specs advertised are missing. Likewise, some claim “smart” TV but reviews claim its crap. Am in a dilemma guys, what I need from you is, which TV should I buy for that price, and from where should I buy it? Alafu, how do i check if TVs such as TCL, Tesla, etc are genuine?


Tembea luthuli avenue…na usikuwe na haraka ya kubuy


Windowshop yourself & whatever you prefer, get to touch it and experience its service


TCL or Skyworth are not bad options. Just don’t buy a smart TV. Buy a digital TV, you will make it smart on your own via Android box.

RE: TCL, Masoko sell them and will indicate whether it’s HD or Full HD. But you will need all the patience you can get and borrow, since the order could take weeks to arrive. Been there.

LG and Samsung will also get you good options if you up price.


We are getting to a point were every TV is now a Smart TV. I’d still recommend getting an Android set-top box and avoid the TV’s smart features.

Manufacturers are having a party with your private data (Uploading screenshots to their servers, voice recording and even showing ads)

If you decide to get a smart TV, don’t connect it to your network.


Did you deliberately leave out Sony? I have a Sony smart TV currently running on Android Marshmallow and it works great for me. I would not go for any other brand when it comes to getting a smart TV.


Thanks guys, i got a genuine Samsung UA32M5000 32" from hotpoint, its full HD but not smart. I took the deal cuz it only cost 26k. though I ordered an android box cuz nowadays its a must have. you can check genuine Sonys at Anisuma traders and genuine Sammys at Hotpoint (you even get warranty registered directly by sammy through sms). thanks again.


I deliberately left out smart TVs.


bei inafanya Sony iwachwe nje :smiley:


I recommend you check out the Hisense and TCL units in some shops on luthuli avenue.Make sure they test it out for you if you are seriously considering buying one on the spot.