The Rise and Rise of Startimes Kenya: A case for Digital TV transformation


So lately i have been looking into how much of the Digital TV landscape has changed in kenya in the last 4 years and one company has stood out to me above the rest.Startimes Kenya…In the last 4 years their local pay tv subscriber numbers have skyrocketed into millions threatening the likes of Multichoice and their DSTV platform.Startimes have also improved their customer services in a small way and they are innovating in areas like their android app which has some live tv channels currently on trials as they prepare to charge for those services in the future or maybe tie them up with a pay tv subscription.The android app could also be easily upgraded to an android tv app that can serve smart tv owners who wont have to own a startimes decoder to enjoy live and other content from their platform.Ease of payments through MPESA,different packages set to suit customers and introduction of a few HD channels especially on the sports section will help them in the long run capture and acquire more marketshare locally.I would love to hear your thoughts on this guys…


Curious as to whether with the entry of the Android app content they have moved to Full HD content as opposed to the terrestrial channels that have less than ten FHD channels.


Well,the android app content has a few HD channels(i have seen only one) the rest are SD channels of sorts but they are all indicated “trial” which means startimes is testing out broadcasting its content on the android app.In reality startimes seems to have very few HD channels in its portfolio making it difficult to justify purchasing their HD decoder. But with time,they may increase their HD channels offering on both the android app and on the DTT and DHT platforms…


I can only say they’ve risen once they’ll upgraded their Voice quality