The Big Box and Why Safaricom should STOP doing Devices


Lol, true but I can also see a different aspect of it. Saf realized that the big box failure would be poisonous to any second gen product, so they completely cut the big box branding and headed in a new direction. They are referring to it as the Safaricom Gigabox / Digital TV & Internet Box. In future, if a curious person saw it in an advert, in person at a friends place or in a shop and they wanted to look up a review, the techweez article would be lower in google search since it refers to a different non-existent brand of box. But I’m probably just overthinking it :sunglasses:


Safaricoms big box strategy is shit,they have failed to see the bigger picture and they will pay dearly for that.


Looking to buy an Android box for streaming purposes (terrarium…) Is the Big Box Worth it. FYI I have Safaricom home fiber


Did you finally get an android box you were looking for?


Yeah. One week now.So far so good. Only downside though it lacks a Power off option. Plus the occasional hanging…


Which Android box is this?


Safaricom Big Box


I’m planning on getting the T95Z Plus Android Box, a mid level box with impressive specs. The one i’m getting has android 7.1 not 6.0



I still use the original big box but mainly for free to air TV which I may watch twice a month. Also have kodi running but now and then it stops playing or gets delayed audio.

Looked at the “Big box 2” at a safcom shop yesterday. The guy insisted it would play Netflix so I made him prove it. Turned out to be BS.

I think it’s good to have the free to air option, sometimes TV ni lazima. So what recommended boxes are out there with android 7+ and DVB-T2 receiver (free-to-air)? 4k and Chromecast is nice but not a must


If you have saf fiber subscription the big box 2 is a no brainer at 6k if you want both a TV tuner and android tv. I also got the same the same BS when i was buying it trying to convince me that netflix works which it doesnt out of the box but i didnt care since i dont use netflix in the first place, however it i found a way to make netflix work


So how do you get Netflix to work? Is this with actual netflix app and can this method break in future?

It’s the breaking part I worry about, the tech support request from the wife or kids saying “Netflix isn’t working” while I’m outchea tryingto get real work done.


We should push Startimes to make the Startimes ON app compatible with Android TV. On Android smartphones it will stream your TV in realtime. Decent stream.


If you are interested just look for netflix 6.15.0 build 30701 and download the apk and install. It seems to work fine on my safaricom box 2 however, i dont have an account to log in with, so i dont go past the login page


With those requirements only the Safaricom GigaBox is recommended.

Any version other than version 4 which Netflix has linked on the ‘incompatible devices’ page doesn’t work. You can even install the current app from the play store, login and browse around but the minute you try to play something it will fail with an incompatible device error.

The problem with version 4 is that it was meant for phones and tablets and since androidTV is not touch based it’s very difficult to navigate around unless you use a mouse.

There is a kodi plugin which works quite well, though you never know when it might break.