The Big Box and Why Safaricom should STOP doing Devices


Lol, true but I can also see a different aspect of it. Saf realized that the big box failure would be poisonous to any second gen product, so they completely cut the big box branding and headed in a new direction. They are referring to it as the Safaricom Gigabox / Digital TV & Internet Box. In future, if a curious person saw it in an advert, in person at a friends place or in a shop and they wanted to look up a review, the techweez article would be lower in google search since it refers to a different non-existent brand of box. But I’m probably just overthinking it :sunglasses:


Safaricoms big box strategy is shit,they have failed to see the bigger picture and they will pay dearly for that.


Looking to buy an Android box for streaming purposes (terrarium…) Is the Big Box Worth it. FYI I have Safaricom home fiber


Did you finally get an android box you were looking for?


Yeah. One week now.So far so good. Only downside though it lacks a Power off option. Plus the occasional hanging…


Which Android box is this?


Safaricom Big Box


I’m planning on getting the T95Z Plus Android Box, a mid level box with impressive specs. The one i’m getting has android 7.1 not 6.0