The Big Box and Why Safaricom should STOP doing Devices


You can load apps.I was able to install VLC, my IPTV app, KODI. The Safaricom shop guys(You can buy it without visiting a safaricom shop) did pre-load some apps but you can ask them not to do that.

I didn’t run 4k video. I don’t have the device with me now.


Safaricom just slashed the Big Box price and its now Ksh5,999 for everyone at Masoko :yum:


Next thing is to unlock it .:grinning::grinning:


Is it locked anyhow?


6K, I may want it but I have their old one which I stopped using. Nah, I’ll pass.


I tried my luck with the first generation and it would not use other simcard apart from Safaricom.


You don’t want to use a SIM card with these things, unless it’s that Telkom SIM card that gives some sort of unlimited internet.


This is a good price, hope it becomes the new price for everyone.

Here’s another positive review. Looks like the box is a good deal unlike the first generation.

If it supported 4k safaricom would be screaming about it from the rooftops. But even kina apple and amazon only introduced 4k capable streaming devices last year or thereabouts so I’d think the market here for 4k capable devices is negligible.


They say it supports 4k.


Normal price is back…plus a disclaimer about Netflix :smirk:



What did they get from Showmax and iFlix to disable that support? This may put off quite a number of people.


I was thinking of getting that big box but now with them blocking netflix,safaricom just put me off…they must have been paid a pretty sum to do that


Haha why are you blaming iFlix? I feel like they just know Showmax cannot compete against Netflix so they just won’t let it on there. and btw it would be better for Safaricom if they used the Viusasa business model for their Showmax app. Probably the only chance it would attract a large enough user base.


I think I need to clarify this. I have the box and it can run Netflix, if you install an older version. It’s not Safaricom blocking Netflix in favour of showmax of iFlix but rather the most recent version of the Netflix app not being compatible with many devices that previously were. This happened to me when updating the netflix app I had installed. This should solve the problem

Disclaimer: No, I don’t work with Safaricom :slight_smile:

Faiba Set top Box

Thanks for clarification :+1:
they should have used an asterisk to clarify that, not just saying conclusively.


Safaricom does not own showmax. It’s owned by Naspers which also owns multichoice and others. It’s probably the biggest media company in africa. Showmax customer base is basically the entire continent while viusasa is local tu. Partnering locally with safaricom makes sense and cents for them since saf is the biggest ISP in kenya.


Showmax has partnered with Safaricom and Telkom.


This is enlightening. Always thought it was a product of Safaricom. But local or not local, the strategy for penetration should be different. They cannot compete against the likes of Netflix under the same content. I remember I once almost subscribed to ShowMax but a little search on the content and it was definitely not worth it. I was referring to viusasa because it has tried something different with the local market which i think may be working despite their secrecy data.


Techweez got around to reviewing it but weirdly it’s referred to as the big box 2. I wonder if even Safaricom know they have launched a product with such a name.


That is their problem.