The Big Box and Why Safaricom should STOP doing Devices


did yours work baadaye ama review ya that guy is biased?


Most of the Reviews are simply Paid Reviews …


My guess as well, but at 10K, not touching it.


Am yet to understand the allure of the Big Box…

Especially if you have Fiber…
The Big Box bundles are expensive and not unlimited…

Read somewhere that there was an offer for existing Home Fiber Subscribers to get a discount on the device…
Why would anyone with Fiber want the Big Box…?!


I think trotting out it’s just a paid review line is selling ourselves short. Interrogate the article and debate its points bana. Otherwise we would just dismiss every review on techweez we didn’t like as a paid review and leave it at that, plus it works both ways so we can dismiss @mwangii experience as just a paid critic and I doubt it was.

Me too, but imagine guys still buy ‘jailbroken’ firesticks at 11k and walk away feeling like they got a good deal. People are weird.

Simple, it adds Android smarts to your TV. It’s not tied to bundles since it’s got wifi and an ethernet port. Plus it’s got a national brand behind it so it’s an easier sell than the many no-name Chinese android boxes in stalls.


The Big Box does offer a lot for 10k (6k if you are a safaricom fibre customer) compared to other boxes…built in LTE, DVB T2 receiver, 32GB of memory. Its a nice streaming device(I usually recommend it for my IPTV service).


Do you still have your box @mwangii?
I’m wondering whether it’s an update they did based on early reviews, and now they can hand out review units.


Mostly likely they updated them, ebu @mwangii you tell us


So i decided to check out the new Big box and i must say its a pretty solid device,it has the SIM slot,ethernet slot…Most importantly its running Android TV,My wish is for their own brand they would have customized some apps to be front and centre like a mysafaricom app and the songa music app,they could also make a customized Masoko app that brings their ecommerce platform to the TV,one can use their remote to scroll through a catalogue on their screen and buy as simply as tapping a button,As for the device sales strategy,i feel they should have given safaricom home subscribers the device for free as part of the package,for non-home subscribers the device could be sold for around 5/6k with bundles sweetened…The goal should be to get the big box to as many households as possible.Also safaricom should set up an experience center where one can pass by to see how the big box works and ask questions,this can help kenyans see the true value of the box,android tv and give them ideas on what they could do with it.


Stop giving them ideas, next time you will see okoa jahazi on your TV.


@martingicheru and @sarunibm please confirm whether the big box issue was rectified before I make a mistake of buying it. Seems like @mwangii is not around to tell us how his box is fairing.




Prediction on point



That can be good and bad. Imagine seeing a reminder about okoa jahazi on your tv then using ‘Sema’ (Safcons Alexa) to say: ‘Sema, Niaje, buy 100 airtime to my number via MPESA’, the XPRESS prompt comes up, you approve and it gets your airtime which autocredits your okoa jahazi.

Or you’re watching tv and your phone is charging then you get a call notification or MPESA confirmation from someone you were waiting for.

It has potential when well implemented, but given their history, Safcon will just abuse it to milk money without providing matching value… :triumph:


I want nothing to do with smart things in my house. That will mean adding another set up that is listening and watching you. Can’t we have our privacy in at least one place?


At least you have the bathroom.


What do you guys want to know about this device? I have someone bringing one over to configure.


Speeds network reliability performance hardware and bandwidth.


Here is what i found;
Network reliability: That will depend on your network. I was using it(for a limited time since i was just configuring it for someone else) on a 5Mbps Safaricom fibre connection and it worked great!!
Performance: The UI was smooth and app load time was decent. I didn’t game on it but my guess is it probably sucks.
Cons: Just 1 USB port; The remote is not that great(the buttons esp. the up/down keys are made of plastic. I found myself clicking on the Ok button instead of the up key)


Can I side-load apps? or, can I load apps like Netflix or iflix, etc? @mwangii post suggested that its locked to only manufacturer’s preferred apps. Also, have you tried to run a 4k video and check the resolution it offers?