"Test1-1 4G" Network


So while I was playing around with my phone today I did a network search. I got this “Test1-1 4G” network among the list of available networks.
The signal was faint coz when I did the search a second time it didn’t show up. Did it again at 4 pm and got it again.
Am eager to find out what this network might be., ama it’s the one last year Liquid Telecom and the consortium were awarded the license for?

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For those who use Equitel, does it have 4G? I’m wondering if that could be it.

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Most of my friends with Equitel , use a very basic phone mostly even limited to 2G since the platform is USSD (hope i am right) based kama MPESA.



Unless I change simcards ndiyo nijue but it always picks up 3G tu.



So had a chat with a guy on Twitter who has a contact in the CA and according to the info he got the signal is from Loon
Checked on flightradar24 on active Loon balloons but both active ones are in South America
So maybe Loon chose not to have the balloons on flightradar for the commercial launch, or the signal is from a terrestrial site., we still need more info though




Hebu muulize what’s up with Faiba and why are they still operating such a poor Network at their watch…

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