Telkom Kenya's mobile money will be called "T-Kash"


So yesterday evening when I was heading home decided to go to my usual mutura base. A few moments later a guy wearing a Telkom Kenya promo t-shirt comes n also orders some mutura, standing next to me.

I notice that on the back of the tee it’s written “T-Kash” and the first thing that comes to mind is that it must be Telkom’s mobile money, though it’s not yet launched and on asking the guy about how he got the tee, he says he got it from a road side show as a freebie when he bought a SIM card. So I turn to Twitter and customer care confirms that “T-Kash” is there’s, but declines to give any more details on the same.

Anyone here who’s able to get more info for us? cc. @martingicheru

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T-Kash needs to do what MPESA does and more if its gonna have any foothold locally.


If you think about it, the market is much more competitive now.

EazzyPay, Pesalink & Mpesa. MPESA is the final boss.

They need to beat the lesser ones first. Although I can tell you now they will NOT beat EazzyPay or MPESA.


i agree,they will likely not beat EazzyPay or MPESA…but executing a credible strategy might just work in the long term…they have 2 million subscribers already,they should automatically activate T-Kash for all of them with availability of key features like mobile loans,free subscriber to subscriber mobile money transfers,a smartphone app,preferably android, that makes it easier to do all this things,Onboard key merchants for the goods/services payments feature,have an online portal where T-Kash self help and other services are available,allow automatic mail t-kash statements to be sent to subscribers email monthly…then push marketing and sales,mostly targeting the younger demographic…if it means camping at Universities,cinemas,concerts,festivals e.t.c. Anywhere young peoople are,they need to make sure they have a presence and they are felt.


:unamused::unamused:True MPESA is still king and the first thing most will ask is can I send or receive or even load the T-kash account through mpesa?
For sure I shall be using it to hold credit money since telkom does not have a feature where it does not use up my credit when I run out of data, and buying through other means
is a little inconvenient


Lemmie hope this works but honestly am not sure of its viability


If you ask me, one way to get people signing up to a mobile money service is make it a a loans app first, with speed of lending amount refresh as high as Tala or Branch if not faster. But that would be quite a task seeing that the two I mentioned depend on Mpesa transactions to gauge where to place a customer. That wouldn’t be a natural for Telkom.


what i think of t-kash is maybe it will take sometime to grow it agents network but if they offer more competitive stuff client will be more than willing to embark on Telkom network n it is us consumers who will benefit in terms better services .Bdw why is it only safaricom on NSE may they should list Telkom too ? coz i bet the future on telkom is great it has the potential to compete with safcom


I agree with Martin,just through lending…tala and branch have grown into big businesses with millions of users…



So Monday it is


Heard it’s a collabo between Telkom and Equity Bank. So we might see a rebranded version of Orange Money :thinking::thinking::thinking:




So they’ll continue with the partnership?


T-Kash codes instead of paybill and till numbers. That’s a new approach that seems convenient but we shall see whether people find it easy to interact with.


I saw it on Citizen TV News a day or two ago


Could be interesting if anyone can get a code whether business or individual. Then the distinction between paybill and till becomes moot


So No loans from TKash…i see no value in them for now…


Saw the vid on how it works, actually is a winner