Telkom Kenya Speeds at 400Mbps


Time to debunk this.

Equipment used to do the tests.

Samsung SM-N7502
Internet 100Meg down 6Meg up

Android Apps
Puffin browser
Ookla Speedtest
Nperf Speed test

First test the result shows I have a higher upload speed than I am capped at. It repeats the same result but doesn’t go over 50Meg. If you look at the top left, I have the nPerf app that counts my traffic in Kbits or Mbits whenever I have activity. Sadly it didn’t go over 1Meg in these speedtests.

Ping on the browser is way higher than the app, so traffic is shaped somewhow.

These are the normal speedtests with the Ookla app, and Nperf does actually count the right bits being transferred



So the puffin browser does use proxies, I checked the IP address and

ISP Cloudmosa Inc.
Usage Type Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit
Domain Name
Country United States
City Saratoga, California


Safaricom beats Telkom in Rongai - Maasai Lodge

1 Telkom LTE
2 Safaricom LTE


  1. Telkom LTE
  2. Telkom LTE
  3. Safaricom LTE
  4. Safaricom LTE


Probaly thanks to Safaricom’s 4G+


Can’t tell whether my phone is 4G+ capable as it only displays LTE on the notification bar, never LTE+ (if at all such an icon exists). Maybe you can be of help and tell me whether my phone supports it as i’m very poor at interpreting frequency bandwidths

(GSMarena) Xperia Z3+ Network
4G bands - LTE band 1(2100), 2(1900), 3(1800), 4(1700/2100), 5(850), 7(2600), 8(900), 12(700), 17(700), 20(800), 28(700), 40(2300)

Speed - HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps, LTE-A Cat6 300/50 Mbps


If it has LTE-A on your phone then you have 4G+ (They’re the same thing). Also any phones with LTE Cat 6 (LTE X.6) support 4G+


Your device does have support for 4G+ and it should show “4G+” icon. Try using your device in areas Safaricom has 4g+ coverage and see if your signal will indicate.


@aydensaruni lazima ionyeshe hio 4G+ icon??


Not necessarily. Speeds are what will indicate.


4G+ is gimmicky marketing. The 4G that Safaricom was using is technology from way back in 2009 capable of speeds of up to 100Mbps. They are now claiming to offer 4G+ that can do 150Mbps which is still not up to modern standards. I’ll only take notice if they launched 300Mbps-capable 4G. But I doubt we will be able to take advantage of that any time soon because they’ll need to do major upgrades to their internet backbone. The world is going to 5G now na sisi tuko 2014.