Telkom Kenya Speeds at 400Mbps


I recently did a speed test using the wifi on a rongai bound matatu(ChristHood). The speeds reached a maximum of about 400Mbps. I did many speed tests to confirm if this was true. The main tests that I did were at Nairobi West, Langata, bomas and at Tumaini rongai.I asked the makanga which isp they were using and I was told it was Telkom. Has anyone here experienced such speeds?

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Damn! Is the bus connected to an underground fiber cable?


That was what I thought.


My gosh this is unbelievable. And that ping time, that server must be somewhere else…


Sa zile HSPA on Telkom seems like a joke, these speeds are on a whole other level :raised_hands:


I would never alight that bus


Waaaah which bus is this? almost half a gig of bandwidth on the move…uchawi bana,the latency is terrible but i would still tap that anyday…boss hungeshuka bana


if HSPA can do that,what about 4G LTE…gigabit speeds…we dont need 5G,its already freaking here with us lol


Eish… Hii nimekubali kumbe hawa watu are capable of giving us real speed na wanatuchezea tu


It was a nissan…I think it was called ChristHood because that was the name of the wifi.


That must have been from a 4G+ SIM card (I assume it was inside a Telkom router which is 4G capable)


I am dumbfounded…


400Mbps? I noticed you did the test on your browser. Next time board the same matt and use the app to do the speedtest instead, the results will be different,


I don’t trust that test.


I will try to do that.


Why would it be different?


With known WiFi limitations, I am a bit skeptical about that test as well. Maybe with time we can debunk it.

@Lukirdem Could you let us know which device you used?

The one they sell caps out at 150Mbps


App speedtests are accurate, mobile browser speedtests mislead alot due to a myriad of factors, the above test is an example.


Hmm… interesting


I was in a matatu, I did not get to see the router. I used my phone lenovo a 2010 for the test.[quote=“Krizwech, post:18, topic:1352”]
mobile browser speedtests mislead alot due to a myriad
I normally use a browser called Puffin browser that has flash player(chrome dosent). Maybe that browser caused an issue there.