Telkom Kenya 4G


:+1: :+1: @TeriWanderi Very well explained. :+1: :+1:


I only bought the line since i have an extra 4G phone-i bought the phone to be used a modem. I think its easy to unlock it. What’s the model of the modem/router?


That’s a very detailed and nice review @TeriWanderi


After a week of use i can confidently report that Telkom’s network is NOT reliable. I guess that’s what you get when you are getting signals from a tower that is 10km away and is in a busy area. I’m going back to Airtel, once my 50GB allowance runs out.


Keep in mind those towers are like two or three in Nairobi :joy::joy::joy::joy:

That is the thing that made me angry. You tell them about it and they’ll tell you get a 4G device.

Eventually after I shared the video, ndiyo wakakubali hakuna network yao.


Someone told me they are concentrating outside Nairobi, Nyahururu has better and wider coverage, Mombasa and Kisumu fully covered.


Someone did mention here that Kisumu the signal is very weak even at their own offices and the staff did acknowledge poor execution of the service.


But hey are still working on the network, true it’s sketchy in most areas an seems very weak in built up areas, you might step out of a balcony
and get full bars but put one foot into the house and you are back to 3G or even 2G if you are unlucky, I have also noticed that Telkon 2G means you have not internet access
on safaricom 2G you can still slowly load twitter feed.
I have a question for those on equitel, I have the option to buy Orange/Telkom airtime on USSD but the same is missing on the app is there an update or I have to stick to the Equitel USSD
since the shops at our area don’t stock Telkom airtime fo more than 20 sh?


What’s really annoying is that i’m getting really poor data rates despite having good reception-all the bars. I only got good data rates for the first 2 days but after that it has been downhill-YouTube loads in 144p and sometimes it even struggles.
I won’t bother calling the customer reps; most of the time they are clueless.


I agree with @kiharajon’s theory that they’re concentrating outside Nairobi. I’m in Ngong and my phone never loses 4G coverage indoors or outdoors. Open signal shows that I have three Telkom 4G boosters all within 1 km of my house. I kid you not, the 3G at my house is weaker than the 4G one. I’ve never seen 4G lose a single signal bar but 3G loses the highest one quite frequently. I just did some speed tests and here are the results. I’ll keep editing this post and changing the screenshot when I do more tests. I’m doing these tests on my 4G4Free allocation coz a single test eats like 120MB in 30 seconds. For the first test the server is hosted by Zuku and the second tested a server hosted by Telkom Kenya.

Edit: Just did another test. This third one on a server hosted by Liquid Telecom Kenya.

One more speed test for good measure to see how things go during rush hour. This time it gave me a server hosted by Airtel (I didn’t expect this at all!) Anyways, just as I expected, it looks like download speed goes down a bit but upload speed holds. I’m seeing a trend here - it looks like Telkom is throttling upload speed but at least it’s a number you can rely on.


It looks like Equitel removed support for Telkom airtime loading on the app. The only way you can still buy Telkom airtime via the app is if you had saved the number as a favorite. Then use the slide-out menu to access the favorites and you’ll see your favorite phone numbers and accounts. The USSD/STK one doesn’t buy Telkom airtime anymore. It always gives an error message saying something like “Failed. The transaction number x-xx-xxx reversed.”


Naah! Telkom is still supported but the error must be a bug. It has been happening sporadically for months now.

Happens when topping up Safaricom/Airtel numbers too.

You can try using their online banking portal if the app is still not working for you.

Aaah. Now I see what you meant. Telkom is no longer included in the list of network providers.


Was it ever included in the app?


I don’t know. Never had to use it.


I gave up buying Telkom airtime from my STK menu because this error occurs even if I try ten times in a row. I now use the Eazzy Banking app because I still have my main Telkom number in the favorites and it works every time.


I also, weirdly, get good signal on my 4G phone but hardly a good signal on my 3G one!



It looks like Telkom’s 4G quality of service is holding despite the 4G4Free offer. At least the throughput is okay but response times are a bit higher than before. I’m sooo pissed they reduced Holla Premium to a measly 100MB😤 Now I’ll definitely buy an Airtel 4G SIM card when they launch.


Telkom 4G has been crap lately,i m reverting to safaricom 4G more and more.


I decided to import an unlocked Huawei 4G modem from AliExpress. Ordered on 24th June, picked it from GPO.

Received it today. It is unlocked and accepts Telkom and Safaricom cards even though it’s branded MTN.
So far, tested it and works fine. Damage was $52.89 upto Nairobi.
There’s an app called Huawei Hilink that one can use to adjust settings. The modem supports LTE FDD (800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz)
There’s a feature called Wifi Extender where it connects to available wifi and saves on mobile data.

This is my first time uploading photos here, hope they don’t appear too huge or too tiny!