Telkom Kenya 4G


you welcome bro. Glad it worked and yes it works on sim 1 best.


What happened to the spectrum that telkom had for the CDMA network? They had 2x5MHz on the 800MHz. Did they “return” it to the regulator when they shut down the network?


I don’t know but I think they are still using it for the 020 numbers, even the home router based internet is on the 020 numbers, but don’t know if it’s on CDMA


They were migrating those numbers over to GSM- but you still retain the 020 number.


I’ve received a call from Telkom Kenya stating they are on 800Mhz.


Can we get someone to clarify this. Is it the 900 or 800 or both?


Finally, they have acknowledged that our area does not have 4G :rofl::rofl::rofl:


@deewinc :joy::joy::joy: Has the person replied to your last message?


Yes they have. Hehe. They will work on it


Telkom is using FDD LTE band 20 (800Mhz) only.


[quote=“bhattkishan9, post:128, topic:1088”]
Has the person replied to your last message?


:joy: Wrong spelling of consider. Not good for customer care.

Anyway, it’s nice when a company (well at least their customer care) accept certain things. :+1:


May be ni Tusker Cider watanijenga :rofl::rofl::rofl:

But it was not that easy until I shared with them a screencast to prove there is no 4G in our area. Zile replys walikua amenipea. Walianza change simcard, wakaenda your phone is not 4G enabled, :joy::joy::joy:

ile rant niliwapea hadi wakatuma watu on the ground ndiyo wakakubali sasa.

Yaliyo ndwele sipite


I’ve asked the customer reps on two separate occasions. One told me the 800 and the other 900MHz. So i took myself to the Telkom shop-the gpo one(looks weird. Too much space) to buy a 4G ready sim card and to settle the matter on the frequency. They told me it was the 800MHz but they weren’t very sure.

I suspect it might be the 800 for one reason: In my area we always got a very weak 3G signal. This was because they were using the 2100MHz. However, over the last 1 week the 3G signal has really improved. I’m guessing they have re-farmed some lower frequency-most likely the 900-to be used for 3G. If i use the old modems(Huawei E220) which only supports 3G on the 2100MHz, i still get a very weak 3G signal. If i use my phone which supports 3G on the 900MHz, i get good reception.

So the 800MHz will be used for 4G while the 900MHz will be used for 3G. This was the set up i was expecting in the beginning; similar to Safaricom and Airtel. I could be wrong.

Their 3G is really good by the way. On YouTube, videos are loading in 1080p by default. I’m also able to stream IPTV without any buffering. All these over the 2.4 GHz WI-FI extender connection(I only get good Telkom and Airtel coverage in one spot in my house. So i have to use a wifi-extender to boost the original wifi hotspot).

I’ve actually shelved my plans to get the postpaid Airtel bundle.


Eh! Kumbe am not alone. Query. Do they use up my daily bundle first or the 4g4free one? Because if it goes after my daily bundle is used up then what’s the use? I mean… .? Help me understand.



Woi woi woi!


I am 100% sure they are using 800Mhz LTE. I’ve tested it myself by disabling the bands on my phone and testing them one by one. Telkom uses the following bands:
GSM (2G): 900 and 1,800 Mhz
WCDMA (3G): 900, 2,100 Mhz
4G: FDD LTE 800 Mhz (band 20)


You’ll be using 4G4Free only if you have an active daily bundle, have subscribed to the free offer, and MUST be browsing with 4G. If for some reason your phone falls back to 3G, your daily bundles (and even airtime) will be used up. The 4g4free is only active on a 4G connection so you’d better find a way to lock it on 4G. Otherwise you’re risking your daily bundle and airtime.


Add 900 for 3G for certain sites. I’ve confirmed this. Thanks.


I’d like to know where before I edit the post. From what I have experienced, all Kenyan networks use WCDMA 2100 Mhz. Around where do they use 900 for 3G? Rural areas perhaps?