Telkom Kenya 4G


Quick one, if you’re permanently locked on 4G, how then do you receive calls? Si that means you are permanently mteja


Most phones don’t lock exclusively on 4G but rather on 3G/4G auto mode.
For my line I don’t receive calls, no one has the Telkom number.


Then i must be one of the lucky ones coz i haven’t seen my normal Telkom bundle move at all. My Xperia Z3+ is a Dual SIM phone, Safaricom is on SIM Slot 1 for calls and sms of which i’ve restricted it to GSM mode while SIM Slot 2 is Telkom for data restricted to “LTE (preferred)/WCDMA/GSM”


I am also enjoying the 4G4Free…

I bought the 40 MB bundle at 19. However the 4G signal isn’t that good.


These apps dont work, the phone still toggles between LTE & H+


it’s a dual sim, so one sim is locked to 4G, the other sim for calls etc, is on 2G and you know most of us don’t use Telkom for calls. At least for now.

The apps work and this is the one I use.

I think I demonstrated it on an earlier post if not this one.


Unless your phone is rooted it’s impossible to clamp down any phone to 4G only (there are reasons for that google utaona) Its the same app i’m using too, i was in a moving vehicle when testing it and the phone toggled between LTE & H+ kama kawaida, try it on your end utajionea. I have already uninstalled the app juu haisaidii


Hehehe I will record a video may be utaamini. Once I lock it on LTE only when there is no LTE coverage, the phone switches to emergency mode and not 3G. The phone goes to emergency mode. Used it on Safaricom 4G too when using the Browse @2bob tariff and the app has never disappointed, even once.

I will record a screencast and share later.


Unfortunately, I cannot share the video. I will try upload to Youtube and share the link.


That is exactly what is happening to me. But these guys are very clever. In the fine print they say that the 4G for free bundle is offered “on best effort.” That means that they have no obligation to avail the free data hence they can gobble up your existing bundle with impunity. Thankfully that offer is only until July 15th. I get lucky sometimes and use about 600MB of the 4G4Free without losing my precious Holla premium or XL daily bundle. Unfortunately most of the time my subscribed bundle gets wiped out.


Unfortunately unless you are rooted and know what you are doing, it’s nearly impossible to lock your phone to LTE only. If you know how to root and tweak the sh*t out of your phone, you only need two things: xposed framework, and a module called Gravity Box. One caveat though… Telkom 4G doesn’t support VoLTE (voice over LTE) This means that the 4G network cannot carry voice so locking your phone to LTE means you’ll be unable to make or receive phone calls. My phone has 4G all the time data is on but it can fall back to 3G when I’m receiving or making a call thanks to the above mentioned tweaks. But I’m not a novice when it comes to bending Android to my will.


Telkom 4G speed is quite impressive. I hope they maintain this quality of service.


At least you have explained the reason why some of us are unable to use it.


My phone is rooted and I manage to lock it on 4G using the app mentioned above. I have a video demonstration. I just don’t have time at the moment to upload it on Youtube and share. But I will do so before 9pm today.

No need to use Telkom for calls because, most calls are made through Safcom. So a dual sim phone is good to go.

When the phone is locked to 4G it does not fall back to 3G/2G. Luckly, thanks to Telkom’s poor 4G coverage.

The video is simple, once I use the app to lock phone on 4G, the phone switches to emergency mode when no 4G signal can be picked, which is a clear indicator that it is locked on 4G.


Root apps are great for tweaking but it’s important to keep them to a minimum because most of them require that they be running in the background to work properly. I prefer to have fewer root apps with extensive customization options eg. Gravity Box. I don’t think my root apps ever reach 10.


Oops sorry my phone is NOT rooted. Sorry for the mistake.


Finally, I have managed to edit and upload the video. Watch and give me your views

Password: 0987


The problem must have been on the Telkom end. Bundles then airtime got drained when I was locked on 4G. I tried once more and it’s now behaving well. My bundles not changed at all so means I’m on the 4gFree thing. I guess being pioneers makes you be the Guinea pig.


Must be the reason why.


Nice video, now i know why i had problems with the app. It works well with sim1 and not sim2. I had to switch my Telkom line to sim1 amd it works perfectly, no more switching randomly between LTE & H+. Thanks man :+1: