Telkom Kenya 4G


Apologies to telkom despite not letting me check my free balance, they actually gave me the free 1Gb after I bought the 15mb


They give it to me on a daily basis and I’m unable to use it.


Hmmm…watch this space


Apparently replacing your Orange 3G SIM to Telkom 4G is not free like Safaricom, Its 60bob


Safaricom was free? I was charged 50bob


Safaricon charged me 200 when they rolled out the Sim Cards. Others who went before me were charged 250 (this is at official customer care outlets like in Sarit Centre or I&M, not some agent)

Airtel charges 100 for sim replacement


@TeriWanderi there is an Airtel 4G simcard? If so where can i get it?


None at the moment. Still waiting for them to announce their 4G rollout plans.


These guys are joking this 4G4FREE 1GB bundle has become a hoax now


Mimi ata i gave up on it

I got my Safaricom 4G SIM for free at the I&M shop


Mine was also free at I&M building


Are you on Post Paid? Simcards are free for postpaid customers.


This is scary…


Safaricom swapped my SIM for free as well, but they asked, (SIM Swap ama Replacement.) If you answered the latter, you will be charged.


Hehe no prepaid., eh Safaricom postpaid is a cash cow :joy:


Mine is Prepaid, i got for both my phone and modem for free


Yup, sim swap means your old line still physically exists while sim replacement means your old line is lost. Thats why you get charged on the latter


Actually you guyz are the ones doing it all wrong, My purchased bundles are still intact. I’ve been using 4G4FREE all through. However these FOUR conditions have to be met for you to use 4G4FREE

  1. Your Phone MUST be 4G capable and hence tuned into 4G (The offer only works on 4G Networks)
  2. You must SUBSCRIBE to 4G4FREE via *544#
  3. You must have an ACTIVE internet bundle
  4. Your sim MUST be 4G capable

If any ONE of these FOUR conditions isn’t met then your phone will eat your kawaida bundles. I believe most of us have all of those conditions met but keep getting screwed with condition No.1 & 3. Condition 1 is the tricky one as it can abruptly switch back to 3G without notice i.e. when you receive a phone call, when you’re inside a moving vehicle etc. It takes a while for your phone to switch back to 4G and during this switching period is when your phone consumes your active Data. If in the event your active data gets depleted as you are busy browsing before it switches back then condition no.3 comes into play, even if your phone switches back to 4G at this point it will not take advantage of the 4G4FREE offer coz condition 3 is not met


But why do I find this funny? Ofcos all conditions have been met including using apps that permanently lock the device on 4G. Even Telkom have failed to explain my case. Nimeachana tu nao.


I have met all the conditions. And it uses my bundle then airtime every time. Bonoko