Telkom Kenya 4G


My 4G4FREE ain’t working


Me 2,my 4G4 FREE aint working


I agree,One cant receive or make calls on 4G only…


Imagine if their yet to be launched mobile money would use LTE, that would be cool


Does windows phone o.s have the “secret service menu”? In android(i’ve confirmed this for Sony phones only) you can set a phone to “LTE only” through that menu. What did you see in Windows phone,the “fluidity”?


I asked and they said you have to activate the free bundle by purchasing at least 15bob worth of data, everyday



Sorry 15 mb data


15 bob or 15MB? and Telkom users, how much is 15MB?

Then again I thought it was #4GForFree?


U mean engineer mode like the android, nop not on mine, though in some Windows phones there’s the menu. But al let it pass for now since coz i still need to use USSD as well as phone calls

They topped me up with 120bob at the shop and my daily 400mb was renewed. After it was depleted while doing speedtests i thought the 4G4FREE was still active but that wasnt the case, the remaining 70 bob ilikulwa yote and could not connect online. Even had to resubscribe to the Amkia MB ., its like i hadnt even subscribed to any bundle., not even the WhatsApp bundle , Alar?


As I said in one of my responses, the free 4G bundle is a hoax. I consistently have the 400 MB daily bundle @49/- which they consume first and then lock me out from browsing using the free 1GB 4G bundle.

They even utilized my airtime in some cases after consuming my bundle (400MB) first and after all this suspend my browsing meaning I cannot use the 4G4Free bundle.


Same thing happened to me, where my 951 airtime balance was consumed (had topped up with 1k airtime, bought 400MB @49 and subscribed to the 4G4Free bundle).

Also I am not able to unsubscribe from the daily 400MB @49/-


Same here. Even bought MBs, was told i’m already subscribed. Hoax!


Just bought the 15 mb at 9bob, but still nothing, I think it’s a marketing gimmick, they should have had a way to check the free bundle balance


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: asked if I can check free data balance


Guys let’s arrange and poke them with tweets. This thing is a hoax for real.


Sounds like a protest


Exactly :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Is telkom limiting youtube to 720p? I have just noticed that on telkom I don’t get the options higher than 720p on YouTube resolution settings, yet when I use safaricom on the same device I get up to 2k resolution options, can someone test this on their device?


The YouTube App limits the resolution based on your phone’s resolution.

720p screen = 720p max quality.
1080p screen = 1080p max quality.

No ISP can change the settings/limit an app they don’t own. The best they can do is throttle the connection to that app.


Mimi this is the reply I got :unamused: