Telkom Kenya 4G


Safaricom will do everything in its power to maintain marketshare,i mean anything…thats how they got to where they are in the first place,they were willing to undercut competitors to make long term gains


Someone just needs to concentrate on the provision of Unlimited internet over 4G. In order to ensure that the quality of service is not affected, they can give unlimited internet based on speeds just as fiber. At least limit it to a maximum of 15mbps and packages can range from 128kbps all the way up to 15 or 20mbps.

I remember Safaricom’s 512kbps unlimited internet a few years ago before Collymore came (Keep in mind that fiber optic cables were not there - So the margins of profit on data were low but still Safaricom recorded double digit growth in profits for data under Joseph). I mean Collymore decided that some of Michael Joseph’s products were not profitable. Joseph, despite focusing on generating profits for Safaricom, he really wanted people to use the internet at affordable rates. I remember the daily bundles could rollover to the next day for as long as you renew them before expiry time. Collymore made sure they expire after 24hrs.

I guess there is not a serious competitor out there for Safaricom that is why they are able to use their position to gobble bundles from us.

All network providers should learn that Safaricom already controls voice and there is no way they can do to snatch that away from them. That said, hata waeke calls free, everyone will just stick to Safaricom. What they need to do is follow my principle of offering unlimited internet. We are moving to an era whereby the internet is going to be the main frontier of all communications.

In order to make the deals juicy for subscribers, they can give a certain number of free SMSs to all networks with every unlimited package that some chooses to subscribe to. Unfortunately all they want is to give call offers. Sahii ni free Airtel ot Airtel and other networks as low as 1.80bob per minute on Orange. These guys should wake up. If they are looking towards the future, data ndiyo msema yote.


Has anyone noticed that the data bundles on all networks don’t really expire on the said day, like the daily bundles they don’t expire even if you don’t renew them, check the balance and they are valid to 2036.
Truly speaking guys were bogging safaricom’s network back when it was unlimited, it was frustrating when trying to send huge files and back then Orange and airtel were crap, but now since fiber is here I see no reason for them to not offer it in some form, Telkom and orange have a chance to take a huge chunk of safs data customers, or push safaricom out it’s comfort zone we’ll just wait and see


Remember it was 512kbps down and 256kbps up. Technically speaking, uploading large files would not have given you a better experience. If guys were clogging up the network, then the down speeds would not have been that great (well as per that time). I enjoyed downloading FULLHD videos from YouTube and it was a very nice experience. Collymore claimed that only 1 percent of the customers were using it. Well with approximately 10M customers that means over 100,000 people were using the service at a time when computers and laptops were expensive. Very very few homes had computers and very few people had high end mobile phone devices. Besides, there were fewer smartphones at that time from Nokia especially.

So at 100,000 customers at a time when internet devices were expensive to acquire? at a time when a modem was around 6,000bob? I mean that was a huge milestone. I’m sure right now not even Zuku is close to that figure. Telkom had that chance, I remember trying so much to be their loyal customer paying 1,000bob a week for unlimited internet on Edge for a week and most of the times the network would just disappear. I still have fresh memories of throwing away that simcard.

These networks just chose to let Safaricom take the lead. Let them advertise for truly unlimited internet utajionea. They will attract more customers based on unlimited packages because naturally, it’s impossible to always be active on the internet 24/7 a month given that KPLC is good at paying pata potea with us.


Guys I’m kinda confused. When I do a network search on my bros phone, which is an Android, I get Safaricom 4G, Airtel 4G and Orange 4G separate. But when I do a network search on my Windows I get “Safaricom LTE” and “639 10 LTE”, it’s like both Airtel and Orange combine to one “639 10”.network.
Could they have shared the LTE network? To add on this, both networks started having internet connectivity issues at around the same time. Only difference is that Orange informed their customers in advance while Airtel have chosen to tell us when we’ve already felt it rough :unamused:
What do you think guys?


Mimi niko tu na Safaricom 4G I wish hizo zingine zingeonekana. When Airtel and Orange used to test 3G back in the days, I used to have a taste of the signal but round hii nikama area yetu haiko kwa pilot program.





Your bundle choices from your networks

Safaricom Fibre To the Home Experiences,Please share

I see Telkom have a monthly unlimited 4000, nice!!


It’s capped at 50GB so speeds slow down to 256kbps. Safaricom have the same package at 6000bob


That’s a slap in the face, lemme just stick to Airtel


I think your Windows device lacks support for certain network bands. That is why your brothers device can receive the signals and your Windows device can’t.


Makes sense btw, the device is 2 years old now. I still don’t quite understand the LTE bands especially since there’s now 700MHz, but going by this screenshot from GSMarena I can see bands 1, 3, 7, 8 and 20


If that is your device(the one listed on GSMArena), then you should get all the 3 MNOs, either on the 1800 or the 800. You won’t be able to get Jamii telecom.


thats why bado I don’t understand why its not showing Telkom and Airtel separate but “639 10”. Maybe time will tell


Update: Telkom is currently using the 900 for LTE. Your device should be able to connect to it.


For those who are following:


So just got a Telkom 4G line moments ago at Tlekom shop Galleria mall. Line works on my phone. I did a network search and here again the 639 10 LTE came up, however this time there was a Telkom LTE separate from the 639 10 LTE and am guessing maybe that’s Airtel.
Also did a speedtest there and will attach the screenshot

Alafu the Telkom 4G signal aint that good on Magadi rd and unfortunately there isnt any way to force 4G only on my phone :unamused:


Not a good idea, you cannot receive calls on 4G only. So the option to fall back to 3G is necessary for calls and any SIM dependent activity like Mpesa, text and USSD.


In kiambu today, Orange 4G quite fast here, how long are they planning to give the 1GB daily 4g bundle?


Until July 15th