Telkom Kenya 4G


I will patiently wait for Airtel 4G


Airtel and Telkom can overtake Safaricom on wireless data easy.


Potentially is the word you missed in your sentence. Activities that each does and opportunities each has means the difference between potential and reality.


I just read an article that apparently Jamii Telecommunications Limited has been issued a license by CA to operate as a wireless LTE operator under 0747 prefix. But unlike Telkom, Safaricom and Airtel who operate on the 800MHz frequency JTL will be operating under the 700MHz frequency and this hasn’t gone down well with the other 3 operators. This is hot hehe


I also think its unfair. KES 100,000 for the 700Mhz? I’m not an expert on spectrum valuation but the 700Mhz should fetch for more because it has better range than the 800Mhz. The device ecosystem for the 700Mhz might not be great at the moment but that doesn’t justify such a throw away price.

The good thing and the most important from all of this is that we might get cheaper data services.Jamii Telecom, the reliance Jio of kenya? It might be a reality.My worry is that Jamii telecom might not be able to fully utilize the frequencies-By that i mean be able to invest in a network that covers the entire country. I’m hoping they prove me wrong.


True, maybe this will make their services a bit cheaper and accessible through the LTE since their fibre is quite expensive already, in comparison to Liquid Telecom and Zuku. I’m even hoping that the same frequency is allocated to more players, maybe even Liquid Telecom, just in case JTL disappoints


I can’t say i’m surprised by the CA’s move. I was expecting either a wholesale network or some other players apart from the 3 MNOs to get the 700MHz- not all of the bandwidth but at least a bigger of it.
The choice of jamii telecom is somewhat…disappointing. I wanted a player with a little more “financial muscle”. I hope they make good use of those frequencies.

The CA’s move is actually a good one. It may be unfair to the MNOs but its great for competition.
I hope Safaricom doesn’t sue like they did for the 3G license-can they sue in this case?. The bands are different.


I believe rules are rules and shouldn’t be bent for anyone. JTL should pay the KES2.5 billion like its peers. [quote=“iamtembo, post:26, topic:1088”]
will make their services a bit cheaper

JTL and cheap? Their 5Mbps is at 5K while for the same price you get 20Mbps on Safaricom and Zuku, and 25Meg on HaiWaya.


Then there is this by JTL clearing the air and according to them this is what happened. Click to view fullscreen, click again to zoom.


Okay, a quick response says a lot about a company.


As a Kenyan mobile user, a long time sufferer under Saf’s “tyranny”, who’s had to own numerous SIM cards that have eventually been thrown away, but always painfully having no choice but to keep that one high maintenance SIM card; I have to side with JTL on this one. Maybe this is the kinda move that will make the bigwigs come out of their comfort zones. I mean, dominant Safaricom (sounding like Trump saying ‘Crooked Hillary’, not that i like him though) with their large figures is just too comfortable. Airtel on the other hand just seems a bit insecure, while Telkom, well, still rather fresh from getting a new sponsor it’s kinda too early to tell if they can actually deliver :smiley:
Who knows maybe moving forward the industry will be more vibrant now that a fully owned Kenyan company is seeking to disrupt the Mobile Telecoms space. Maybe we’ll get to see new partnerships, like the one Airtel and Liquid Telecom made a while back., or even mergers.
All in all I feel good about ourTelecoms space and how our regulator is working to ensure that all said and done it’s we the consumers that get to benefit. But JTL better get it right, if they mess this up sisi kwisha


Interesting though me I don’t care coz am not chained in the cage of safaricom i use Airtel and their 3G speed is amazing am patiently waiting for 4G/LTE but CA’s move got me thinking some big wigs are taking kitu kidogo to favor some companies it calls for investigation someone must give answers


So Safaricom has been given the advantage of commercializing 4G and using it to raise the license fees? This is so wrong.


When are Orange and Airtel Launching their 4G sim cards, I see Telkom 4G and Airtel 4G is available in the whole of Mombasa,


All I know is the ‘soon’ I’ve heard from both. And I’ve been using Orange 4G for a while now.


How have the speed been?


I mentioned here sometime back, the speed tests show 16Mbps down and 12 up, but the experience is quite good, I didn’t buffer anywhere, YouTube, movies, Twitter video all load well. Locations: Kilimani, to Kasarani.


I live in Nyali and I was able to connect to it a while back in April using the normal GSM SIM. Let me be honest, I have used LTE before in and out of this continent but I have never seen net that fast! I can’t confirm the Download speeds but 720p videos on YouTube were streaming seamless and videocalling was just too smooth!

Unfortunately I can’t confirm if it’s there now because my LTE phone bricked and I’m stuck to HSPA+ which still has download speeds comparable to Saf LTE.


why are they waiting to launch 4G with fanfare when Safcom can immediately respond to undermine their businesses using a number of new affordable products without feeling a pinch


Maybe it’s good competition, they scrapped their unlimited a few years ago. Let’s see what their reasoning will be this time around if they come round to doing it.

He’s doing it, so I’m doing it.