Telkom Kenya 4G


A better strategy would be to lease out part of network/tower capacity to other service providers. Like what Airtel is doing. Selling towers makes Telkom an MVNO, partially that is.

ATC wakiaumua kuwapimia hewa mnaenda mteja like what Airtel and KDN did to YU network a few years back.

Sounds true. Like selling the enterprise side of Zuku.


Not quite, i remember years back when Orange (Telkom) decided to have their towers managed by Eaton Towers, network availability in my area started becoming an issue. Kwanza during those scheduled power outages that are from 9am to 5 pm at some point during the day the Orange signal would go off completely, ts like they were not fueling the generators or something


Telkom fights back Safaricom with 2GB daily @99bob


This is war :grin::grin::rofl:


I tell you. Thanks to Faiba 4G.


We’re inching closer n closer to unlimited plans, mdogo mdogo tu


I once said that unlimited is inevitable… ISPs may play hard to get but that’s where we are headed


Can you sambaza bundles on Telkom Kenya?


Safaricom! FREE WHERE? I was charged 100 bob!


I heard it depends on the language you use. If you are doing sim replacement it’s chargeable but if you say you are doing a sim swap it’s free. Not sure though.


Eti language you use? That’s extra work sasa.


Haha wacha kutwist, You have no idea how was mad at the counter 2 years ago because 4Gswap. They ended up saying free 4G was for lucky customers for the first 5 days!


I’m in a 3G only region in Telkom network. However, for the third day running I haven’t been able to pick up a 3G signal. A quick search on Twitter reveals that a number of people since last week Friday have complained about the disappearance of 3G signal.

Anyone facing this?


I can confirm that 3G on Telkom is intermittent at best for the past few days to a week. It’s also difficult to lock on to their 4G despite being in a strong signal area. Now I use Airtel almost exclusively for mobile data because it doesn’t let me down at all.


Last week I noted that my phone picks up Telkom 4G signal when I’m outdoors comfortably. So I was curios to the BTS serving areas closer to home. Surprise surprise. Two BTSs within a Radius of 1KM.

In fact our family home is within the BTS’s half a kilometer range (circled in red). Previous tests when Telkom 4G went live showed that it was only 3G enabled. Now it’s 4G upgraded.

Problem is, look at the signal. Despite being outdoors, the signal is so poor. Also, in doors there’s no signal at all.

Timbuktu that blue dot. I was out doors. Is it a case of poor optimization or what? I should get pitch perfect signal.

The BTS circled in red is that one pointed with an arrow.

Outdoors Look at the signal strength

Here it is from where I was standing (BTS circled in Red). It’s next to a Safaricom 4G BTS (hidden by trees) that was the first to be upgraded to 4G before another one 50 meters from home got upgraded.

Here where the blue dot is ndiyo family home iko. So I wonder why Telkom 4G signal is so poor.


will look for where the one in my area is located i also get full bars outdoor and at least two bars indoors



A few weeks ago I told you about the story of me being able to pick up a Telkom 4G signal in our area - but that was outdoors despite being in a 1KM radius of two 4G boosters.

Well today I woke up to this surprise and I can say may be the last time I picked up the signal they were yet to complete the upgrade.

Signal is good every corner of the house in Timbuktu

Speeds same as Faiba 4G indoors.


Nilikosa usingizi nikaamua lemme buy the night owl bundle and do speedtests
Telkom was slow at first but then peaked so well I wasn’t expecting

This was the first set of results

Then came this

Finally when I decided to do one last round on Telkom

Sijawai pata izo speeds on Telkom


Telkom speeds have improved with time. That’s a comparison I did early morning.




What part of Nairobi are you testing from? I have seen some areas have really good speeds while others can make you throw away your simcard