Telkom Kenya 4G


A better strategy would be to lease out part of network/tower capacity to other service providers. Like what Airtel is doing. Selling towers makes Telkom an MVNO, partially that is.

ATC wakiaumua kuwapimia hewa mnaenda mteja like what Airtel and KDN did to YU network a few years back.

Sounds true. Like selling the enterprise side of Zuku.


Not quite, i remember years back when Orange (Telkom) decided to have their towers managed by Eaton Towers, network availability in my area started becoming an issue. Kwanza during those scheduled power outages that are from 9am to 5 pm at some point during the day the Orange signal would go off completely, ts like they were not fueling the generators or something


Telkom fights back Safaricom with 2GB daily @99bob


This is war :grin::grin::rofl:


I tell you. Thanks to Faiba 4G.


We’re inching closer n closer to unlimited plans, mdogo mdogo tu


I once said that unlimited is inevitable… ISPs may play hard to get but that’s where we are headed