Telkom Kenya 4G


Safaricom always seems to operate on steroids or beast mode.


:laughing: yeah, they are trying.


Afternoon report… I am disappointed with Telkom… after today am done… How can 4g speed be less than 1 megabit per second??? nkt, back to faiba and safaricom asap… my 1gb bundle ata sijatumia 200MB since asubui :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: It should be a crime punishable by death to offer such speeds!! (FYI the 4g signal is full)


i usually have such troubles with saf sometimes full signal but speeds are super slow


that’s on 3G right?


yeah this might be 3g. 4g on safaricom is always fast… i have never had downtime.


Haha this guys are not serious, today I am in wajir and I have had to use safaricom there is 4G here and it’s really fast, Airtel is trash at 2G, telkom is trashier 2G does not even receive WhatsApp, faiba will take sometime to cover Kenya so the best option is Faiba and safaricom


Switching between network modes has been a problem since they launched 4G. Sometimes when the 4G signal gets lost the phone can stay without network for around 5 minutes before finally getting a 3G or 2G signal.

My network loss problem happens even if I have set the phone to 2G or 3G only. I have tried everything I can think of but to no avail. It seems like Telkom just doesn’t want to give me service. It’s their loss though because I’m getting tired of being mteja. Very soon I’ll ditch this line.


I just had to add this because sending text messages on Telkom is like playing the lottery. Outbound messages show that they have been sent but about one in four times the recipient never receives them. Incoming messages arrive but every 1 out of 4 messages come after a huge delay. Telkom is all bad now-a-days I don’t even know why I’m still using the network. Although I enthusiastically praised their network shortly after they launched 4G, not all was rainbows and butterflies and unfortunately it has gotten worse ever since.

I do not understand why launching 4G, which is a faster network, caused so much speed degradation to the other services. Even the 4G is well beaten by competitors these days.


I think Telkom should follow Miguna. Thank GOD ever since I switched masaibu yao iliisha.


yes i don’t know why


Most likely congestion in your area., also experienced the same sometime back but it was sorted after repeatedly complaining to Safcom customer care


Can the reason why Telkom 4G is so bad is their lack of a full 4G license? That 4G trial license must have some limitations on how much they can roll out hence affecting capacity of their infrastructure.


trial license grants you everything you need. Its just poor service


Do you guys think these, coupled with the recent aggressive marketing campaign, can work in Telkom’s favor?


It can work KES 4.5 Billion or anything above KES 4 Billion is good money. Add the tower deal, I hope the investors won’t be looking at a dividend payout but focus on ploughing back the cash. May be extend 4G network coverage in areas that are lacking?


Thought maybe this would compromise on the quality of service offered


True it might compromise quality. But why sell and rent?


Cut down on operational cost?


This is what Helios does. They came in for the real estate not the business. They will sell off most of the prime property and exit with profit