Telkom Kenya 4G



This looks good but doesn’t have band 28 which FAIBA runs on. But there could be compatible routers on alibaba and AliExpress. I’ll keep looking.


Is Telkom launching its mobile money transfer today or what did I just hear capital fm report?


Yeah… We have a thread for that:


ooh, okay thanks. Nimesearch kwa topics nika click the first option


They’ve now combined Freedom Bundles with the regular bundles into one product., plus there’s a new daily 500mb for 50 bob bundle


That bundle was of no need. When customers join your network because of data and you instead promote calls and sms. Whoever is working in that marketing department should have been fired.


Who buys the 9 Bob 25 MB?


Those discounted calls and SMS on freedom bundles were a way to push current Telkom users to get their friends to join Telkom so that calls between them can be cheaper. Data does not guarantee new customers, especially with people like Faiba 4G around.


Data Kadogo… People with low income actually go for those…


Can’t remember well but I think you published an article which indicated that Telkom has managed to get a huge number of customers most which are enticed by data offerings. Then Freedom happened.


Yes. With Freedom they wanted to lure in those who make calls.




I think it’s a cool product unlike Hola. I can consider coming back just for calls. So data will be a bonus on the move. Halafu safaricom ibaki tu hapo hapo.


They should do a 3k unlimted calls, sms and 30GB data, I think the above offering is not good enough to get them much business but a good start, their network is still really bad


if you’re permanently locked on 4G, how then do you receive calls?

I dont know about android but with iOS, you can lock data channel to 4G/LTE without affecting voice calls… the same way you can turn off data completely but still make and receive calls


I’ve also noticed that… there call clarity is not good at all


Telkom on my phone started acting up quite a while back. Most of the time when people call me they find that I’m mteja and Telkom immediately sends me a text that so and so tried to call you barely a second later. It seems like the phone just disconnects from the network but the signal bars are still full.

When it is ‘disconnected’ like that I cannot make a successful call the first time. I have to make one call which will fail and then the second time around it goes through. I’m seriously considering ditching my Telkom line because of that. Airtel works perfectly so I’m sure it’s not my phone with the problem.


I also have problems with the Telkom network but specifically when I select LTE. At some point there are no network bars and I think it’s coz the LTE network signal is weak in the house n there’s a problem when it’s trying to switch to 3G. Same thing happens when am making or receiving calls. But this network disappearing thing doesn’t happen on Airtel 4G or Safaricom 4G even when am making or receiving calls., it switches seamlessly from LTE to 3G then back to LTE


Today I have decided to use only Telkom 4g. Am giving it a second chance. Initial review, speed is slow despite full 4g signal. Freedom bundles are also expensive compared to Faiba’s daily 1gb at 50, but I bought the 1gb for 100 anyways. Am averaging 2.5Mbps download and 4Mbps upload… Earlier I was testing Safaricom and it averaged 42Mbps down and 25Mbps up…