Telkom Kenya 4G


this * 544 * 49#


Not allowed to access this service


Going through Telkom’s wall. People have bought the 100GB package thinking it’s a walk in the park. Watu wanalia. 90 days zinaisha kama umebaki na 80GB to go just because Telkom’s service is sh*tty.


Screenshot_20180110-092250 looks like it does not work with all numbers


I have tried it on three different numbers. Not going through.


Telkom also has a 2bob per minute voice offer that is limited to certain lines., *444#


My Telkom works well as long as I stay away from the CBD. When I go to town I turn data off because it just destroys my battery life to give me service that’s far worse than 3G. At home I can easily destroy that 100 gig Telkom bundle but I run out of imagination and, quite frankly, get bored to have to use this much data.

I’m still looking for a mifi that supports 700 MHz as well as 800 MHz 4G. That way I can jump on and off any 4G network using one device. Too bad it’s proving to be quite elusive even on the import market.


Is this due to Safaricom? If so, don’t they have 2 LTE bands which should work just fine?


I’m sure the Faiba 4G mifi supports several bands. So it might be a case of just unlocking it.


Both safaricom and Telkom use that band


so far i have only found the verizon 7730L MiFi that has bands 3, 20, 28 and a really big battery, the only downside is the price


It’s not a safcom issue and when I talk about network hopping, safaricom isn’t on my list of destinations. I’m mostly thinking about Faiba/Telkom and probably Airtel but that’s a stretch.

It’s actually a manufacturer issue. See, there are five main bands that are considered “international” bands and they are present on almost all 4G devices that are marketed globally. These include 800, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600 MHz. Unfortunately the 700 MHz band is present in a lot fewer markets so many manufacturers don’t bother to make devices that support it. Even worse is that when they do, they skip 800Mhz support.

This leaves consumers like us having to buy two devices if we want to use the common bands as well as 700 MHz. I’m still looking for that elusive Mi-Fi and once I get it I’m thinking about putting it up for sale on OLX and see how that goes. I don’t think I’ll be successful because this MiFi is a real unicorn.


I have to find out it’s model number to figure that out but I don’t think so. Mi-Fi routers with 700 MHz support skip 800 MHz and include 900, 1800, 2100, 2600 MHz. If you unlock it, 1800 can work with safcom but if you’re on Telkom you’re out of luck.

I have also seen people complain about the Wi-Fi signal strength which is important to me. For this reason I must find a router with external antennas to improve connectivity.


Good find :clap::clap:. Too bad it doesn’t have actual usable external interface but I digress…

Spending 20K excluding shipping and taxes on a Mi-Fi router is madness. It would probably cost 30k shillings to hold in your hands.

If this is what Trump means when he says ‘buy American’ I’m officially changing back to the blue side.


These mifi routers have a problem with wifi transmission. I think it’s meant to save on battery. However, you can get one and pair it up with an LAN wifi router.

For example, I have an old Galaxy Mini that can transmit wifi up to two floors up. I live ground floor and I usually go to the roof 3rd floor and I can pick a weak signal from the phone that is located indoors.

For Safaricom mifi router, the signal becomes weak on first floor and lacking on 2nd floor. How these mifis are that expensive is a wonder.

You might have to import one from Alibaba. Saw one that doubles up as a powerbank with 10,000mAh. Supports a bucket-load of bands.

The task now is how to get one into your hands.


Safaricom ended their 4G bonus bundle offer. Time to migrate back to Telkom.


Hadn’t realised. Not a wise move.


When will people realize that SafCon’s offers (or their anything that seems pro-consumer) only lasts 3 months after which they quietly kill?

Kinda like how Taxify lowers prices for 1 week to get signups then it’s back to costly poor service. One would hope they spend half the effort in customer service that they do in spammy YouTube ads.


actually saw an harvilon mifi on alibaba going for $29 and it got almost all bands including band 28 ya faiba


Wow!! Harvilon Mi-Fi has all bands you could think of. Reception and wifi signal strength is the only foreseeable issue for this type of compact mifi. Do you have a link to one with external antennas for better reception? I live in a weak network area (I moved.)