Telkom Kenya 4G


Nothing special.

Safaricom offers 7.5 GB + 7.5 GB (4G Only) - Ksh. 1,999

Oh. Plus with Safaricom, you are getting decent speeds and 4G is almost everywhere so the 4G only data should not be an issue.

Safaricom’s offer is clearly better and cheaper :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


4G and I will slap them with my chumes


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:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: actually saw someone complain abt this on Twitter & everyone was demanding apologies from someone enjoying his/her time…


It’s not about quantity, I have both airtel and telkom lines and truly speaking even after doubling their data safaricom is still expensive than both, but the speeds on safaricom are just a breeze you don’t have to worry about that
I bought the 5GB +5GB on Friday and I can say the weekend was enjoyable, bythe way I calculate the data deals by getting the price per mb the saf 10GB for 1,499 is 0.15 bob per mb, Telkon 12 GB for one week is 0.08bob waaay cheaper
but waay bad speeds, I disregard time because I use the 12 or 10 GB in less than a week anyway.


lol,guys can really be reckless


Guys, I am disillusioned with Safaricom again.

I saw the Double data offer here and got exited. Later while in a Safaricom Shop I asked one of their staff if the offer also applied to bundles bought on 4G modem and if it was a permanent offer. He said yes on both counts. A day later I am excited I spend 2000 for my 4G modem intending to get 7.5 GB plus 7.5 GB.
I get 7.5 GB only- so I call them on 100.

Speak to a lady who is confused- she says something about the offer only applying to phones. Then later says it can also work in modems but via a different process of buying bundles. The line breaks down and I end up calling in again speak to a a guy this time who tells me that the offer is only in phones. Later he says he will confirm with his bosses and call me the next day.
They didn’t call me and my repeated complaints on twitter haven’t yielded much. I am waiting for a good alternative and then I am done with these guys for good. Jokers


Unfortunately, that wait won’t end anytime soon. Other Telcos are either too comfortable with the small numbers they have or they are simply not serious at all.


i think telcos are just on a wait n see on their respective bundles…


An update- still no word from Safaricom. I have just come home and while at the Mall I went to my local Safaricom Shop. I spoke to one of the Safaricom staff; I asked him if based on my experiences the 4G double data is only limted to phones. Guy looks at me puzzled - he says he is not aware of such an offer :joy:
He goes and speaks to a colleague of his behind a counter. He motions for me to join them- She confirms that yes there is an offer on 4G double data. I ask her does the offer apply to 4G modems. She says she is unsure. :unamused:
I pose the question to her; I have bought a 4G modem for about 6,000 shillings from them; do they expect me (assuming the offer is only available on phones to use my phones as a portable wifi? If that is the case then w\why sell the 4G Wifi router? I have to leave for some other engagement and I leave even more confused. This company has clueless policy makers and staff.:confounded:


Yeah , I get your point the rivals are useless


Kuuliza tu. Ni watu mlihama Telkom ama network yao skuizi ni Sambamba sana? Complaints skuizi hakuna :joy::joy::joy:


Bado tuko Telkom. Data yao ndio hatutumii. I just noticed they reduced XL bundle prices even further to match Airtel lakini bado sinunui. I want Faiba. How much is the Faiba 4G Extreme mifi and where can I get one? Currently I’m on safaricom FTTH 10 Mbps but want a portable connection. Also, 4G is a lot faster than this fixed connection. I don’t see the need for the fixed connection which I can only use at home. The unlimited nature is good but I can do just as well with a fairly priced but limited mobile package.


5,400/= Headquaters yao Upper Hill. Mimi ningepata unlimited FTTH ningefurahi sana. Juu most niko kejani na bundles. If on the move ile kitu mimi hutumia ni what’s app and email pekee.


Hehehehehe, i moved to Faiba 4G. Still have my Telkom line but don’t think i’m renewing anytime soon.
Faiba needs to work on their coverage(spatial). Wonder why Naivasha is not covered yet Eldoret and Nakuru are.

I’ll try this XL thing someday but not anytime soon.


It took me a subscription to FTTH to realize that I don’t need that much internet. Ata 100 GB per month ni hard kumaliza juu I don’t download movies or torrent at home. Maybe some light YouTube. The time I really need data is when I’m mobile. Hii FTTH nitawacha from January. Sasa ni kutafuta coverage map ya Faiba 4G…


For me I stopped using Telkom because it became totally unusable, yani even whatsapp, I tried Airtel 3G which surprisingly was really good but had hiccups every now and then, then Saf came with the 4G double data and I moved back, a week later Faiba 4G came and this is where I am at currently, I even wont mind if the ISPs never connect our area.


airtel also has 1GB at 49/-


How? Wamekana hakuna


Eventually it reaches a point where quality of service outweighs the data bundle size particularly for people with low data needs like me.