Telkom Kenya 4G



Telkom 3G over in my diaspora is out-performing FTTH 10Mbps (at the other house) by an average of 2:1


They seem to have fixed the issue the speeds are back to normal


They may have upgraded their signal strength to reach further even though it’s weaker. My modem keeps trying to use 4G even though we don’t really have it here.

I had to manually switch to 3G to get any use out of it


I will try test it out later today


Needs xposed


Haha sorry man, Airtel system seems full of bugs.
Ata walifix juzi ile bug ya Kopa… Blame their systems, its better safe than sorry


As expected, some US carriers are straining under the weight of ‘unlimited data’. Given that most primary invested in HSPA+ and convinced the ITU to let them label it as 4G, then tried playing catch up as millions of people signed up this comes as no surprise.

Carriers should stop these games and impliment true 4G/LTE before it’s too late.

The comments section is the most enlightening.


So Telkom has a new 1GB daily bundle @99bob. I was curious to see how the network is fairing today and I bumped to that bundle. Also noticed that Safaricom has doubled data bundles on 4G?


For telkom,thats a step in the right direction…


Safaricom just sent me 5Gb for free.


These are attempts to increase ARPU but they won’t work unless they have an impeccable product. We could tolerate the unreliable network when it was free data but if we have to pay for it, they must improve the network significantly.

I am surprised Telkom is still at this game. I stopped using it ages ago. I relegated that line to second division. Now it’s hanging by a thread lucky for it I have two dual-sim phones.

Safaricom must be preparing for an upset in the mobile data market. Maybe because Airtel 4G is about to come online? I’m pretty confident that they have some insider scoop on their competition.

It’s refreshing to see Safaricom PAYG data costs 0.29 KES per MB. Telkom still charges 4 bob per MB!! It’s the same rate as it was almost 10 years ago. This is highway robbery if nothing else.


Second division :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I had even lost the line. If Airtel of Faiba get’s it right, watajua hawajui.


Oh after Telkom, and airtel I am back on safaricom for the double data, it’s quite an offer for their speeds and wonder if it’s a promo it’s permanent.


Free 5GB? how did that happen :scream:
Btw last week Airtel Internet was so slow, downloads were even failing., but since yesterday been seeing an improvement speeds have improved n getting back to “normal”. I think this 1GB at 99 bob bundle has flooded the network but guess they are adjusting accordingly.
On Telkom, had experienced a complete network outage at the beginning of the month that lasted for like an hour

syds that haven’t experienced anything else wrong with Telkom
and speeds are actually good on both 3G n 4G, though 4G signal strength is not so good indoors
But these Freedom Bundles of theirs though, I’m not a fan


Here’s hoping this permanent.

Haven’t seen anything on this. Is there an article or message screenshot for those of us on Airtel?


I am on 4G but it switches to 3G when on USSD


This is exactly the same cost as Airtel data bundles. Safaricom might be making a play for Airtel subscribers. If this deal is permanent, Airtel is in real trouble. These bundles on 4G will definitely take many Airtel customers. Looks like Safaricom have decided to take off the gloves and ignore the potential anti-competition backlash.


I also received the 5Gb. Interesting that i was travelling through Western/Nyanza Kenya. Probably thanking me for not resisting.


Very interesting


If u think Safaricom got better offers check Airtel what else can you ask for as a subscriber?