Telkom Kenya 4G


Am also experiencing low speeds on 4G.


Isn’t it funny that every time they respond to a complaint they talk as if they don’t know what is going on? That tweet is like one made by a primary school child. Eti we are experiencing fluctuating network? Kwani they’re not in control of their own network? Hawa watu waache kutuchezea!


Seems they extended the 4G4FREE offer up to 31st August

Alafu on the Airtel 4G am already seeing a 4G SIM swap option on the Airtel Menu


Which USSD? both *111# and *544# are not showing this.

*UPDATE: 111# option 2


Yea *100# and *111#


Would very much welcome this :grin:


Same here hehe


Only savior for unlimited internet on Post paid. Saw somewhere that they are testing 45 4G sites in Nairobi and by march they were to add another 45 split between Kisumu and Mombasa for testing.

Given that Telkom has no 4G site in Eastlands, you won’t be surprised Telkom has no more than 10 4G sites in Nairobi. Safaricom has around 6 sites in our area and they are all 4G enabled.


Apparently the 4G enabled Airtel lines are retailing at Ksh 100/- at their shops

Airtel 4G Coming Soon? Why? Telkom's Rush to Rebrand Despite not Being Ready

Those who are able can get them today and give us their initial thoughts by Sunday evening maybe?


Let me ask for their shops in Eastlands because I hate going to town. If I get the line I will give feedback today.

UPDATE: Available at Greenspan mall Donholm. Heading there at 1pm. Will give feedback latest 7pm today.



I am currently having issues with Airtel. Their AutoRenew didn’t work and I ended up loosing all my previous minutes and texts. That has made me less enthused about going out in the drizzle to get a 4G simcard


Lemmie head there for one too.


Guys am at Greenspan and the lady tellms me of no 4G Airtel Simcards :angry: dissapointed


All new simcards are 4G enabled. May be hajui. Just like Orange, all the new Orange branded simcards were 4G enabled. I bought my simcard 4 months before they rebranded and launched 4G.

Just picked up a new simcard from there and there is no 4G. Tried to check when I was at the mall and also at home a while ago. So may be it’s a closed ecosystem as of now.

Reminds me of 3G a few years ago. Orange’s network was closed during testing, while Airtel’s was open.


I am really looking forward to that (possible) exclusive @martingicheru will get once Airtel figure out their launch date. So many questions. He doesn’t even really need prep questions he can just go with this thread (and one or two others) :slight_smile:


Auto-renewal? Don’t depend on that, I buy mind manually, like 5-10minutes before expiry, the auto renewal kwanza inascrap zenye uko nazo then inakupea fresh, Nilisema wacha ikae.


My Telkom 4G at around Kiambu


I feel you buddy. Nice signal icon BTW. Which mod did you use to do that?


It’s told me once that I don’t have airtime so lost my bundles (14GB) then another instance it didn’t even prompt me so I lost my carryover balance.

Their reasoning was that I subscribed to another bundle midway and that’s why it failed. That is like saying because I got a credit card mid month i won’t be able to use my debit card next month :unamused:

See Below:

Airtel 4G Coming Soon? Why? Telkom's Rush to Rebrand Despite not Being Ready