Telkom Kenya 4G


I think more users are signing up. Was at their customer care and the queue for buying modems was the longest I’ve ever seen at their stores (this was in town, so that’s saying something)

Last night I experienced difficulty in connecting my modem so just went to bed (11:45 PM - 1:20 AM)

I use Airtel whose speed is worse than Telkom and I still wouldn’t ‘revert’ to safaricon. Maybe if they were the last telco in Kenya. Here’s hoping a change in government opens up entry for new players.

I would welcome rates the likes of which are available on Halotel TZ or Jio 4G (Click on the postpaid plans)


People know things we don’t?


The 4GForFRee was scheduled to end on 15th July. I’m still receiving the 1 GB.


Looks like it’s been extended but there’s no official word. They’ll probably end it abruptly.


I can confirm that speeds even on 3G have dropped drastically. From upwards of 10mbps to downwards of 1mbps. I can’t make any mention of 4G since I don’t have a signal at home. Sasa tutakimbilia wapi? Airtel is still sh!ttying around. If Safaricom increases their FUP speeds on their easy bundles I might go back. But as of now let’s wait and see.


I can also confirm this. Speeds have been REALLY BAD since Sunday


Have you made a complaint? I have made a complaint and they act like it’s only me who is affected.


Ai is me or has Telkom become really slow the last 2 days? I am telling them to scrap the free data and give good speeds otherwise I shall be forced to move back to safaricom as I wait to see how Airtel will fair.


It’s weird that when I’m at home I get really good 4G speeds but moving closer to town the speed becomes too shitty to use that I have to switch to 3G to get usable speed. I think it’s about time for another round of speed tests. I’ll do it kesho if I get the free data.


Just now on twitter. We shall see what happens when they respond. @martingicheruplease find out what’s going on?


May be we can try to petition Safaricom to increase FUP speeds of Easy Bundles. If they make it 1mbps like Telkom that can be a deal breaker.

It’s like Safaricom is always on the know. Wanajua mtatoroka na mrudi tu. So no need to adjust prices. This week I have been forced to purchase their bundles several times just because Telkom’s internet is acting up.


i have made dozens of complaints to Telkom but they seem not to be listening,i am thinking about throwing away this line,their 4G service is just poor


Unfortunately I can confirm that the Telkom 4G craze is over. What I feared most has come true - - their Internet is cracking under the pressure of a massive increase in data users. The speed is now wayyy slower than 3G even when you have a full signal. Here are some speed tests I did on servers hosted by (from the bottom) Jamii Telecom, Zuku, Telkom KE, and Seacom. Even uploading this darn screenshot took almost two minutes!! So much for the ‘bold new network they keep touting’


I can also confirm that their internet for the past 2 days has been a pain; Its just too slow. Loading YouTube videos at 144p is a struggle.


I might be wrong but does Telkom not have the biggest bandwidth in all the Fiber lines coming into Kenya and they mange the longest National fiber network, why then is their service struggling, I think it’s high time they scrap the 1 GB free data, and focus on giving their paying customers quality service, just checked their twitter feed and complaints are streaming from everywhere most pissed are the business customers who are unable to continue with work.


I have already switched back to Safaricom for the time being.

This is so heartbreaking.

This is the main reason why I have switched back to Safaricom. Yaaani at 144p the video buffers. A one minute video will take you 5 minutes to watch

If you refer to this article you’ll learn that T-Mobile has been able to be acknowledged as the network with the fastest LTE speeds because they were more that ready to provide unlimited internet to consumers. As such, T-Mobile’s CEO’s asserts that other networks failed to install systems in place to accommodate increased data usage and new customers on the network

This is what Telkom is facing. When I made a post about Telkom not being ready for re-branding and the launch of 4G I was certain because, how can you launch 4G and have boosters that are sparsely scattered.

For example, I Eastlands, Buru Buru, Kariobangi, Karibangi South, Umoja, Innercore, Komarock, Dandora etc. Hakuna booster hata moja ya 4G the reason why these regions either have poor 4G reception or lack a 4G signal.

Every time customers want to make a switch from Safaricom it is the networks that let the customers down. You make the switch and realize that the new bae is offering crap. So you switch back.

Then utaskia wakilia Safaricom is dominant.


It must be a bandwidth issue. I have just done a speed test and the speed is just OK. Lakini daytime tests are quite disappointing.


Well well well…what do we have here


My telkom 4G line is in my pocket now,nimechoka na wao


Sahii network iko standby mode. Can’t make calls, sms, or use the internet. Sijui wanasema nini imehappen. Sasa a few thousand customers make the switch and their network becomes unstable. I knew apart from re-branding there is nothing else they had done. Na 4G ya ukora.