Telkom Kenya 4G


A while back I read a comment here on Techweez that Orange Kenya LTE was appearing in network search results in Nyali Mombasa. Soon after I saw a tweet by someone else saying the same which made me do a network search myself and the Orange Ke signal is here in Rongai too. I asked Orange on Twitter if they offer the 4G sim and they said not yet, till they officially rebrand and announce the network. But going by this tweet dated 21st April it’s clear that they have started giving out the 4G sim cards. I wanna go get mine soon and have a feel of their LTE., Can anyone else share their experiences if they have been able to connect to Orange Telkom’s 4G network?


I asked about this and I’m yet to get feedback about it, they had said it’s coming quite soon, never keen on divulging when. But here it is as the screenshot has it. I doubt you can get their 4G SIM cards at the shops as a customer. This David Biama works at Telkom Kenya, so you can see how he would have it.


Shame, will just have to wait :unamused:, thanks Martin


This is exciting,they need to finish this 4G LTE trials and launch a product soon before safaricom starts a price war to undercut them.


Going by what’s happened in the past i think its safe to say that Safaricom suck when it comes to price wars. They always wanna make that extra shilling on top. But let’s wait and see what transpires


Telkom 4G is quite fast, forget the speedtests which I’ve got 16Mbps down and 13Mbps up on last test, loads on Techweez are very fast, loading vids on Twitter is near instant. It could be because we’re few, but Youtube opens on 720p without buffering. That’s a good start.


Damn thats impressive. Cant wait to get a Telkom 4G sim card


Telkom Kenya can easily overtake Safaricom on wireless data. I hope it does.


Yea true, btw what undersea cables is Telkom connected to?


Actually Lion, and Lion 2.

See who the financiers were.


From this map can see that LION and LION2 don’t even occupy a large area as such but Telkom’s speed is impressive, or is it coz other FOCs like EASSy and SEACOM have their bandwidth between operators in different countries?


Don’t forget that Safaricom 4G hits way above 50Mbps and with the 2bob per minute tarrif (dial *142#) this is where I make Safaricom pay for stealing my bundles. I manage a whole GB in less than 5 minutes.


A network search in Nyali is now showing 4G on Safaricom, Airtel and Orange, I heard there are a few guys on orange and airtel testing the network, I am on orange 3G which is really fast so 4G hopefully will be faster than safaricom and cheaper, orange 3g has been shitty for the last 3 weeks going off for up to 15 minutes at a time, also lots of surf Facebook wifi all over Mombasa, has anyone used it?


Am eager to know how the Airtel 4G is coz am on 3G and it’s fast here in Rongai, though indoors the signal ain’t that good sometimes, a problem I’m hoping the 4G will solve coz i also experienced the same when i was in Fedha Estate Embakasi sometime last year though it was far much worse.
Just did a network search after reading your comment and still no Airtel 4G, only getting 4G on Safaricom and Orange. Airtel is clearly testing my patience :smiley::smiley:
Bout Surf_ExpressWifi I used it when it was still new where u get free 100MB daily for 10 days when you connect, it’s quite fast. Don’t know bout Mombasa but here in Rongai the signal is concentrated near the tarmac and unless you stay near the tarmac or get outdoors you cant enjoy the WiFi


Update: So i finally got the Airtel Kenya 4G signal yesterday in Rongai. Was kinda disappointed to know that although my SIM is the precut type, down to Nano-SIM size, i still have to go get it replaced in order to connect to Airtel 4G coz apparently it aint 4G enabled. Airtel on Twitter say the same thing Orange said at first, to wait until they officially launch their 4G, so guess i have no choice, for now


Thanks for the update.


Got an sms from orange yesterday saying to expect service disruption as they upgrade their network for the next two weeks, hope hellios are going to bring telkom (they are dropping the name Orange slowly, I think to avoid the airtel, zain, celtel backlash) up speed with safcom,


They already changed the name that appears on the phone to Telkom, so it looks like they may go with that as the brand name. Oh, I have their 4G SIM card, in case it adds any context.


I am getting this as soon as it is available… This is among the many reasons why i believe we should have an insider program at Techweez (See discussion HERE)

Those who manage to get it early, kindly share speedtest results (3 or more per user should be sufficient)


Very interested in seeing the performance of this - initial and over a 30 - 90 day period…