Telkom 4G Kicks off With FREE 1GB Daily Pack


Day one, yesterday the swap didn’t go through, but it now okay, although speedtest show a very slow speed at 0.3 up and 0.1 down, I’ll stick with 3G at 17 up and 5 down, got the free data but I have the weekly 12 GB which is what they are using instead of the free.


I also got a new 4G line yesterday

the speeds I am getting at work.


Meanwhile, l’m unable to get a sim swap


The first result is my office wifi, the second is telkom 3G,the 4G is 0.03 down then network communications error message pops up.


Haven’tseen this and I use orange !!!


Went all the way to town to replace my sim because I was adviced to do so. Perhaps that would have enabled my phone receive better 4G signal and guess what? Our area has no 4G :joy::joy::joy:

Before entering our estate (around Buru Buru) and by the time I alight the signal is back to 3G :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


There is a Telkom 4G site near my place.

Got amazing download speeds (70 Mbps!) as shown below. Might get their 4G router for more tests


But I don’t get why they are using my limited bundle (daily 400 MB @49) before using the free 1GB.

And oh btw the free 1GB is a hoax. Even after they consumed my 400MB I could not browse on the free 1GB.

See screen shots:

At 151MB of my 400 MB:

At 0MB of my 400MB:

I was not able to browse at all after this, though my place is fully covered by 4G as per the above speed test.


Technological advancements are good but I really do not care about 4G or 4G+ as long as bundles exists.

It would take 4 minutes 32 seconds to consume 2GB worth of data at 70 Mbps (10% overhead accounted for)

Imagine getting on YouTube to preview a video. At 70 Mbps, the video defaults to 1080p and a minute of the video has already been buffered within the first 10 seconds.

I am 100% sure once I get a 4G capable phone, I will not be using 4G.


I agree,Bundles are very distasteful…they need to look into more flexible options like unlimited internet capped at 20GB,50GB and/or 100GB and also amend their FUP to allow throttling of speeds to at least 1Mbps for the rest of the billing cycle,that will take care of the load capacity issues they might face now that 4G networks are more robust in handling data traffic…They should also look into pricing 4G home plan unlimited internet bundles at a sweet spot of Ksh 2,000 to Ksh 5,000 depending on different tiers…i believe this can be a winning strategy that grows usage and marketshare massively for the operator while allowing them to collect insightful data that can help in introducing new revenue streams through offering different products and services.


What you have said is totally true. It is a workable solution. It worked during the era of Michael Joseph until Bob Collymore showed up and claimed that only 1% of Safaricom’s customers used that service and that was not profitable despite Joseph using it as a tactic to get more university and college students to use the offer. I used it back then and enjoyed the service at 512kbps. Well Bob crapped that out because, they had the numbers and other network service providers were just sleeping.

Speed caps can work the same as fiber but what these ISPs are doing is take cheaper fiber internet to the leafy suburbs where you provide internet to one house per plot with a neighbor who is 20 meters or even worse like Karen, 100 meters to 1 kilometer away and claim that it does not make business sense to provide cheaper internet to people in Eastlands where that single plot can carry upto 20 households.

To me, it is more of taking advantage of the poor and informed consumer by availing expensive services at the expense of the rich and informed who live in leafy suburbs.

Like I said, the day Orange and Airtel will realize that unlimited calls and texts will not connect the customer to the internet is the day they are going to wake up. At the moment let Safaricom continue taking advantage of customers since everyone is sleeping. In fact, there is no dominance here. Safaricom is taking advantage of every resource they have.


very true indeed


Actually I think taking fiber to the high end works very well for the ISPs, see a client connected to Faiba complained when his connection went down due to a fiber cut, Faiba told him to upgrade his connection to 20Mbps for 20k to solve the solution, mind you the guy never really uses the connection to capacity, a guy from the streets with a 20Mbps connection is a god, and will make sure he gets his 20k worth.
On telkom though the 4G is fast I am sticking to 3G,to save on the bundles, I have noticed 3G plays back atv480p max and with madam living on YouTube I can’t do 4G.
The home plan is nice at 6k for 100GB for 90 days translates to 2k for about 34GB per month, hope they spice it in the coming days


Hii ni kupimiana ii :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:



Hmm. That’s interesting. I thought they would refarm some of the 900 to 3G and use the 800 and the 1800(refarm) for 4G.