Telkom 4G Kicks off With FREE 1GB Daily Pack


There is an upload link, select documents. Scroll down you should see gallery. I assume youre asking about uploading on phone.


Even on PC too bad I hardly noticed the upload option was there :persevere::persevere::persevere:

Thanks now here is my Telkom speed test in BuruBuru

Guess what? I did a Safaricom speed test and this showed up. Something is wrong here :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Weekly X-Cell is 1K for 12 GB so it’s 48GB a month, so 50GB capped for 4K isn’t s bad deal. Most people will subscribe but won’t use that much so Telkom will make some money… There’s been quite a few times I’ve not used up the 12GB a week and it went to waste.

An ideal mobile version of this would be 30GB (FUP @50GB) + 1000 minutes + unlimited texts for 4K a month.


The 4K a month comes with 8hrs of talk time to Telkom + international USA, India, and China I think


Telkom are on the right track,now they need to focus to grown data market share at all costs,really listen to their customers and start offering differentiated products that can Compete with FTTH…Then also focus on Estate residential wifi networks and Enterprise connectivity,Onboard as many businesses as possible in uptaking their consumer facing wifi solutions,even offer incentives if they can.To get future profits,they need a very aggressive market strategy…ION i went to their customer care centre at GPO nikaambiwa systems ziko down nirudi kesho,they are not selling 4G simcards or doing any replacements.Kubounce nayo,never felt so angry…this is a failed launch already,5 customers were being turned away per every 10 minutes


100GB. A pal bought one yesterday.


There’s a problem with white spaces. Check further.


Man that 100GB is a great deal better than even the 50 GB one

Just got my telkom 4G sim cards now waiting to see what Airtel 4G will have in store when they launch.


Interesting offers by Orange, I mean Telkom Kenya.
Now, I subscribed to the 4GFree 1GB bundle and started testing their speeds. I also had a daily bundle (400MB) and a weekly bundle (2GB).
To my surprise they used up my daily bundle first. This morning they gave me the free 1GB but they are currently consuming my 2GB weekly bundle.

I have been in 4G covered areas all through.


I thought I was alone on this. I subscribed to the free 4G bundle and my data bundle got exhausted yesterday, and when that happened my connection ended. I’m yet to see free4g data showing up on my data balance when I query. I’m not sure whether this is related to my 4G SIM card not being the commercial one from the store but one I got before launch.


They have told me you have to do a sim replacement. Well, you can’t do a sim replacement because systems are not fully upgraded. Something is wrong somewhere.


I asked the Telkom team on Twitter and they told me the limited bundles (daily, weekly) will be used first before the free 1GB.


I mean, even Safaricom uses promotional bundles before using your main bundles.

It is like they are not even trying.


They are not reflecting on bundle balance :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


In my case 4GForFree doesn’t show yet in bundle balance.


I just checked the T&Cs for the 4G4Free 1GB offer.

You can only get it if you have another Telkom data bundle. No mention of consumption priority.



Considering they had to switch because the brand period expired - could no longer use orange moniker - I shall give them benefit of doubt as a new investor in the country. Shall wait and see what happens within these 30 days, see if I can get a 4G sim and test at home.

I have a 3G Orange modem - like some people here - and i hope it will still work, maybe even achieve its’ maximum designated speeds


Quite unfortunate. I thought world over the offers are expended first BEFORE the subscription packages. @deewinc is right, something is wrong somewhere


Just noticed that Telkom Kenya theme colors closely resemble Telkom South Africa’s theme colors