Tecno & Infinix Showing ads


Just go to apps settings and disable them, clear all the data. You must be using a Samsung, because they are the ones who seem to have been paid by Facebook to preinstall the app like a system app, you can’t uninstall.


Actually am on an infinix zero 5


disable or root



This looks like a malware injected into the phone and disguised like a messaging app


there’s a system app called midtest it was flagged as I did a spyware scan after doing some googling about it, the search results bring an adware related content also i came across another article with this link https://www.movilesdualsim.com/tema/tutorial-eliminar-malware-en-cubot-one-aplicaciones-que-se-instalan-solas.57834/
it’s about cubot but almost similar apps apparently there are apps midtest included that send malicious stuff to some servers!

below are some crazy permissions midtest has (am running debloated xos on infinix)


Eish my friend run for your security and privacy run as fast as u can run vry fast


Which app/service did you use to run the spyware test?


Wow! crazy stuff right there.
Anyway, what tool app did you use for tests?