Tecno & Infinix Showing ads


I can’t get rid of this thing


Carlcare or the Ad?


Had the same problem with a tecno. It’s definitely a trojan that is installed as a system application. Tried rooting my phone to uninstall the app but it gets installed again when you switch data on.
Only way to get rid of it is by flashing an official img of the system rom.


hahah… reminds me of a guy back in campus, his Tecno phone showed him an ad titled “hot videos” kwa notification bar, he was forced to flash rom :smile::joy:


Long press on that ad and click the i which is information and utapata culprit ni app fulani inajiita notification uninstall it and your prblm will be sorted


Exactly, I would rather have a big brand with low specs than this type of phones


i have been using an infinix device for 1 yr it’s fully debloated
the android os is kind of running maliciously and downloads apps for those getting ads that you don’t know where they’re coming from just go to settings>apps
you’ll see two apps with android logos one called “message service” and another called “notification” the latter has an owl logo while the former appears clean on the heads-up notification both you can uninstall
i have also noticed android os under data usage is consuming large amounts of data last year i saw 1gb in one month used
also some apps like calcare auto download and auto install yet i have a clean rom devoid of infinix apps


One of the most important things I look for before buying a Chinese phone is the availability of custom ROMS or at least an official vanilla Android with good reviews. If it doesn’t have a clean ROM I do not consider it a good buy. Most cheapo phones in Kenya have no such options so I skip the entire tecno/infinix/wiko/itel lineups and go crazy with popular Chinese OEMs like Xiaomi, leTV, UMI, Ulefone, Elephone(not the cheaper ones), Meizu, Doogee(with some reservations), Blackview, Cubot(as long as it has a big enough battery) and many other brands.


Personally i don’t do these either, heri nikae bila simu than ninunue hizi science projects za china people call phones. If it’s not a Sony heri i stay bila. I’ve had my Sony Xperia Z3+ for close to 3 years now still intact while a friend of mine during that same period has several Tecnos and Infinix zikiharibika charging ports, screen/buttons suddenly not working and other numerous problems and he goes ahead and buys others (He gets attracted to the high specs each of these upcoming chinese phones advertise) Last year i remember he got an Oppo which after 8months the speaker just suddenly stopped working. Taking them to service care centres only makes them worse or gives birth to other problems. Today he has a Tecno can’t tell which one, Hizo masaibu ndio sipendi.


I’ve used the Infinix Zero 5 for a while now, and save for the physical size I didn’t even have complaints. We’ve come a long way.


Do these two apps, Message Service and Notification come pre-installed or do they suddenly appear within the lifecycle? Also, The data that Android OS uses, is it downloading or uploading?


they install in the background
android os consumes in the background


So there’s a chance there is a code within the operating system that is uploading stuff or maybe just contantly checking for updates.


I received ads from the ‘notification’ app last year and I got rid of it I haven’t seen it this year. at the moment carlcare is my problem it keeps on reinstalling

A couple of months ago android os used to consume 400mbs monthly but saa hii its around 20-40mbs


Didn’t work for me i had to delete carlcare.apk that happens to have been on my phone storage. I am currently scrutinizing my phone for any suspicious file


You are right it is a trojan, i will have to flash the phone once i get some time


These phones are crap, high specs low performance i will have to get a better brand


I’m not sure about message service but notification appears from nowhere


This issue has attracted my attention, I will do my due diligence and follow it up with both companies. To help me out, I’ll need as many screenshots as possible.


I see that there are some facebook apps that are system apps. Why is this how can I get rid of all these facebook things? Not a fan of rooting though.