Techweez Issues


I have experienced random and very generic HTTP 500 errors on occasion.

If I was a gambling man I would bet on an issue with configuration of the forum software although the internal server logs should be more definitive.


That bookmark management is :ok_hand:


The 500s this morning are too many … What is going on under the hood?


These issues pop up when mail server bill is due and they have paused it. Server keeps polling the mails and everything else is de-prioritized.

I will deal with this in the next few hours. Could have done that while away in Barca.


Let me know if anyone continues having issues.


What about this …?


We corrected this with an update. Things should be okay now.

Let me know.


Yap can confirm it’s fixed …:+1:t3:


hebu u guys mkuwe serious and secure this forum aki…