Techweez Issues

I have experienced random and very generic HTTP 500 errors on occasion.

If I was a gambling man I would bet on an issue with configuration of the forum software although the internal server logs should be more definitive.

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That bookmark management is :ok_hand:

The 500s this morning are too many … What is going on under the hood?

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These issues pop up when mail server bill is due and they have paused it. Server keeps polling the mails and everything else is de-prioritized.

I will deal with this in the next few hours. Could have done that while away in Barca.

Let me know if anyone continues having issues.

What about this …?

We corrected this with an update. Things should be okay now.

Let me know.

Yap can confirm it’s fixed …:+1:t3:

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hebu u guys mkuwe serious and secure this forum aki…

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Didn’t know techweez was among the forbidden websites in China, I just got a vpn to access it, it’s the only Kenyan site that didn’t open without vpm, kwani mlikula pesa ya chairman Mao.

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Hahahaha! This is interesting! And at least four of our clients are Chinese companies, unless ni OPPO walitusema.

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Just wondering. . .
Have done a Google search and my full name together with my pseudonym appear on Feedspot. Is this supposed to be the case. Had thought the only information displayed publicly should be the Nickname /username. Other account details should essentially stay private. Anything am not understanding here

Is this the only place you use the pseudonym?
I would not say I understand fully how Discourse works, but that would be a negative.

I occasionally do a check to see what is publicly available under my name. So was kinda surprised to see Techweez forums coming up.

There is really no big deal or nothing to hide but I generally prefer being the one to decide what is publicly shown under my name and what ain’t.

My understanding for public sites is this: You have your real name and there is a Username. Your name is only visible to you and probably only the site administrators. On the other hand, your Username is what everyone else sees. This is purely for anonymity purposes.

Therefore Search Engines should not be able to associate your Username to your real name for your account. I am on a lot of forums and this is essentially the case in point. Of course with the exception of Techweez.

Anyway went back to my account and deleted the section on names and only left the Username option. Hopefully with time search Engines will forget.