Techweez Issues


What is it with Techweez articles requiring password to read them…? Has the site been hijacked or ni nini shida…? Sorry for the Topic not sounding right.


i think you are refering to the tecno video that @sarunibm posted yesterday :grin::grin: hehe


Yeah :joy::joy: what’s up


i think he posted the video on youtube by mistake before official launch


This is not the first time. There was a time some Telkom Kenya post was pass-worded for over a week.


The main website is a basic wordpress interface. The good folks at Techweez were likely protecting a page that wasn’t ready for publishing.


I watched the video so protecting it now is useless


@Pascal Lol [quote=“Pascal, post:7, topic:2127, full:true”]
I watched the video so protecting it now is useless


We posted the articles and video before launch and thus we had to “take them down” until after launch


That only applies to you.


Internal server error, i cannot create a new topic


Internal server error, still cannot create a new topic


Topic creation is working for me. What troubleshooting have you attempted?


This is the error i keep on getting, both on phone and laptop


Logging out and back in again


Clear your cache and disable your addons.

If it is a client side problem (which I suspect) then your browser configuration is the most likely culprit.


Same thing, I’ve downloaded Mozilla and tried to post but still nothing. Hadi the slow Edge browser same thing :thinking: Did I mention my phone browsers also cant create a new topic. they all display the same pop up message.


And that’s the stock browser? With no add-ons?

It is a weird issue because it seems to be an isolated case. Perhaps the admins and other users could share their experience.