Techweez Forum Meetup? Anyone?



Hey guys,so i was wondering.Techweez has lots of members who participate in one way or another in this forum.Is it possible for the techweez team to consider hosting a Meetup on a weekend and invite members of this forum to meetup and network over some juice or even water…even at their offices if its possible…Probably one of the first steps to improving the engagement here…Just my thoughts,what do techweez forum members think? kindly share…


Sounds interesting, but I’m listening to hear member thoughts.


Before I say my opinion. I’m in.
It’s the next big step for this Forum.


Also, anyone aware of an upcoming conference by Techweez on 21st August at Strathmore?


A soft meetup can be done during the Tech Tamasha Conference. Next steps will be evident afterwards


Event bright says 21st August but the tamasha website (as of writing this) says 13th August.

Clarification Needed.


Event is on 21st, we had been double booked that day, so we had to get another date. This was corrected yesterday at the event website.


This sounds great. I hope to see every one of you there. Mvae marvin za red ndio niwajue :grin:


Forum team should have a tag reading “Resident Geek”