Team Linux: Post your distro!



Looking for local linux gang to share challenges, tips, best distro to hop and opinions as to why.

Using Manjaro XFCE (Illyria)


I chose Mint Cinnamon as my daily driver for the stability and long term support. I have a second rig running Fedora with Gnome for development and to support my organisation’s CentOS powered servers.


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, I find that Ubuntu is the most balanced flavour for both work and play.


Been on Ubuntu since the days of GNOME desktop(Ubuntu 10.4), then witnessed the rise and fall of Unity desktop(RIP) and now back to GNOME(Ubuntu 18.04 LTS). What I can say is that the current LTS is rock solid stable in terms of performance and also leverages the amazing GNOME desktop workflow.
So Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS it is!


Unity was a sleek piece of design and ahead of its time.


Ubuntu was my first Distro. Though found it way too heavy on my system. Not to mention that I hate the desktop environment they had on 18.04. 18.10 is better though

Jumped to Lubuntu which meh!

Anyone used openSUSE?


Linux Mint-cinnamon has to be the best. Too bad I didn’t try it earlier


Stock GNOME on Ubuntu 18.04 is heavy on resources and inversely Lubuntu is focused on performance over looks. As always your requirements should determine what flavour of Linux you select.

Suse is like Fedora, if you are a developer then you will enjoy accessing new features and the rapid development schedule. Fun fact, Linus Torvalds is a Fedora man.