Smartphone App Permissions: Ever Cared to Find out which ones to give or deny?


There’s a big difference between metadata and the actual content of messages and calls. At least read the links you post.

I’ve cited the Kenyan Constitution and the relevant law. Do you need to be spoon fed?

SMH. Talking out your backside yet again.

That’s not how switched networks work.

Let me give you an example. A message sent from Mandera to Homa Bay would likely never reach a central point in the network (let’s say Nairobi or Mombasa). If it then has to be forwarded to your imaginary servers then that adds an unacceptable overhead to the entire network.

Your concept is foolish plain and simple.

From a technical point of view yes. Good luck making a business case for redundant data storage, high end network equipment and servers with the processing power to decrypt content and run the database.

This is by far the dumbest comment I’ve seen posted on this forum. And that is compared to the clown that dual boots two versions of Windows.


In my opinion, carriers can technically store sms and even calls but they don’t. The only thing they store is the key info (when the text was sent, from which number, to where etc, for given period of time, not permanently) but not the actual sms content. However, if you are a person of interest, or the network “discovers” key words have been used in your conversation (maybe a terrorist name…eg), then it can record and store the actual content. Also the short message service centre (SMSC) does store a defined number of messages IF the recipient is offline… until he/she comes back online. SMSC can be installed by the carrier within the network or to a third party. The effort of storing everything, though possible, is not worth it.



See, I think you do not actually know how SMS works.

Every single text goes to through a SMSC. Who said they have to be centralized at Nairobi or Mombasa?

Safaricom could easily make a copy of the text at every SMSC before forwarding it to the recipient.

They don’t, but they could.

Your posts have become a shouting match. Make the greatest amount of noise and deflect as much as you can until you ‘win’.

That is a great argument tactic but I could smell the bulls**t from a mile (km?) away.

The constitution is one mammoth document. Feel free to quote the exact entry were you got your law from.

I bet you will not find it.

Telcos already use redundant data storage system. It is not that big of a deal.

Consider this my last post on this issue.


When is the fight happening? 4pm after class kwa field?


Haha… The discussion was actually informative. I have learnt a lot about SMS. Whether true or false, it’s more than I knew.