Saruk Refurbished iPhones (iPhones vs Androids)


Well, at least you now have Oreo and local software. If only it was as easy to get local warranty.


The VoLTE provisioning is there but its greyed out. There are workarounds for enabling the VoLTE in the software, which still doesn’t guarantee that it’ll work with Faiba VoLTE.


I finally got to use an iPhone (a 6s I got as a gift) and I am so happy that all my hatred towards iPhones was justified. The only good thing is the camera. Having to pay for most apps I like means I don’t use them at all. No file manager. ITunes if you want to copy something. Can’t use it as a USB. I just don’t know why people pay so much for this. It makes sense when you are in a country like USA where everyone has one but in Keny :roll_eyes:.




This came as a surprise to me. When I started reading his statement, I though he had been won over by the phone…


I have gone back to using the redmi 5 plus with the iPhone as a camera.


I am afraid iPhone people will stone you


Most Hardcore apple fan boys and Samsung fan boys have only used either of the phones in their entire life so I would not blame them.


hii maneno ya Apple ecosystem i dont like but to each their own merits…


I would not call myself this but I have been using Samsung flagships over the past year and my God. There are things I miss so much on Samsungs when I switch to other phones.


missing some aspects is normal but defending behaviors like no headphone jack is what fandom is.


Let’s deduce this for a sec…

so, Iphone users in Kenya are simply carrying over-priced Cameras (reason most of them are very active on IG)?

:joy: :joy: :joy:


Yeah and with 16GB and no expandable memory they have to post and then delete the photos to save on space.


Yeeeh while android folks just sync and free up space with Google Photos automatically,of course there are privacy risks but there are apps that help free up spaces from photos and videos in gallery and sync them with other local devices like laptop/desktop or cloud…Iphone guys gotta sync with itunes to free up space lol…


Google Photos is also on iOS though. Plus there’s iCloud Photo Library. iTunes hasn’t been necessary to use an iPhone since about iOS 6


How then do you copy music to an Iphone without itunes and apple music?


iTunes WiFi sync, where it’ll just sync your library whenever you’re connected to WiFi. Or you can use Google Play Music from the App Store or Prime Music or Spotify Library Sync. It’s not an absolute requirement to use Apple Music or iTunes for your music.


Can confirm. I have a first generation iPad (it simply refuses to die) and the ability to sync media over wifi makes iTunes almost irrelevant.