Saruk Refurbished iPhones (iPhones vs Androids)


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Phones used to be simple, put your finger in a hole, turn the dial to make a call, then lock it with a padlock for unauthorized use. The high end ones had a tape cassette for voicemail.


:joy::joy::joy: My dad used to carry the handle in his briefcase to work in-order to ensure we don’t access it while he’s away… sisi ni nani… we used to place shoe brush on that button where the handle lies to allow incoming calls… don’t ask what used happen incase there’s an incoming call while he’s away :grin:


jana yangu ilizima na 7 hours SOT after kustream F1 Monaco nilikua nazusha tu #cosign


New iOS 12 has android like grouped notifications, Samsung like memoji, and android do not disturb … :grin:… I thought apple never copies :grin:. Anyway, sorry, not looking to start an argument but mobile OSs are approaching a point of similarity, with Android 9 also embracing gestures.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: And which android phone has a 5yrs long support and updates name even the mighty of the mightiest from Google themselves


No single OS is perfect and everyone here knows it.

iOS users have been living with a crappy notification system for years. This is a core feature.

If you are a dev, you must also be aware how closed the platform is. (Although it is pretty awesome when it comes to debugging things)

Yes, Android is extremely fragmented. There were over 24,000 Android phones from 1,300 brands in 2015 compared to 13-18 iPhones. This is to be expected when anyone with some money to spare can be an Android manufacturer.

It would take Apple almost 8,000 years to release 24,000 iPhones at their current rate (3 phones per year).

For most of these Android manufacturers, as soon as the check clears, you are on your own.

Google’s first-party devices have not been around for more than 2 years so it is a bit early too judge. The OG Pixel phones are still officially supported until Oct 2019. We will know then.



Even Joe Rogan…


:joy::joy::joy: as much as Joe Rogan seems uninformed in this video about android, he has some bitter truths… :sweat_smile: The iMessage thing, updates in android… hahah…
But in africa I dont think iMessage affects anyone cuz almost everyone is on whatsapp. I miss listening to Joe Rogan’s podcasts, nitaanza tena, the guy is real in a funny way :joy::joy:


same boat with a 5C,


THEN This!