Saruk Refurbished iPhones (iPhones vs Androids)


:smile: it’s amazing how you claim to love android and yet you diminish other android devices… hakuna mapenzi nusu kama unapenda, penda zote :smile: umenijazz sana
on a serious note I understand why Apple is receiving hate from majority… Apple constantly refused to adopt universal mini usb which annoyed some but later got used to it, they introduced lightning bolt again same results, they ditched headphone jack and again so much hate but then we got used to it, they ditched home button and introduced end to end screen with a notch and again so much hate but now every phone maker is copying… I expect the cycle to go on and on


Yaani am trying to keep quiet on this matter but you just keep rattling me with your naivety… :man_facepalming::rage: Lemme give this example, why do you choose a specific meal, despite that all are meant to make you full and healthy?? Why do you prefer a specific type of hotel at the cbd na zote ni hotel??? This type of talk is what causes people to make mistakes cuz they dont know anything from the other side of the story.

If you dont want to choose, there is google pixel, unskinned, just vanilla and all updates you need. use it and make comparisons with iPhone. Remember, all apple devices are premium in the respective years they were introduced (yes ata SE,) its like Samsung making Galaxy S and note line only. But every android device and OEM caters to a specific user on specific budget. And if you are wise enough, you will understand that not every budget is entitled to everything.

FYI, iPhone is great and I dont dislike it. But I like the freedom of choice, not getting comfortable in my cocoon of “apple ecosystem” and bragging how Apple is the only excellent device. Only a half-witted person would assume that to be honest :grin:. A wise man once said; You will always think your mother makes the best dinner if you dont try someone’s else’s meal :grin::grin:


So it seems the Apple club has ignored my request of a comparison.


The people you are calling “apple non-users” have used Apple for some time, na sio iphone 4s au 6 like most of Kenyan iPhoners :joy:. And what they are telling you is an informed decision of the greatest from both camps. Mtu ameanza kutumia iphone 6 au SE a few months and is shouting at the top of the roof how android sucks :joy::man_facepalming:. Na kusema Samsung devices were exploding and that’s another reason to hate android is just… dumb, sorry :grin:. I remember iPhone 6 was bending in half ukiweka kwa mfuko vibaya, care to comment?


WOW! You can’t be serious!
There’s always going to be freedom of choice forever that why these days everything is one’s decision. I respect yours and please, give Android users some respect as well.
Ni hayo tu kwa sasa


Freedom to tinker .In the meantime let me leave these quotes here.



If loving iPhone qualifies my decision as uniformed, then i dont wanna make informed decision for the rest of my life… by the way I don’t use a phone costing less than 80k just to support creativity of the bright minds the same way I dont listen to pirated music knowing I can get them cheaply or for free and if my “bragging rights” worry you then I can’t help you my friend… Time for spending money is now and not after death.

I’m glad you’ve admitted the explosion bit… i can withstand software mishap by the manufacturer for a flagship device but not hardware. Samsung is the best android phone maker according to majority of android lovers. I don’t know you may not be one of them but I believe without Samsung there is no Android vs iPhone discussion


That was on a light note. Sorry if I sounded disrespectful I apologize


look at this guy… :joy::joy: but you can accept the use of low quality grade metal by apple on iPhone 6 which led to the device bending like wires? and by the way, recent news indicate that they knew it will bend. And what about the touchscreen disease of the of the same phone???

:joy::joy: its not about admitting, and that was a single line of devices affected. just like the iPhone 6 was plagued with hardware issues.

Really??? Cuz Samsung is what? Just as a reminder cuz your comment implies that you think Samsung high end devices are the only great android smartphones, kuna Google pixel, Kuna kina LGs V line, etc…

What type of comparison is this??? yaani you compare devices costing less that $800 to pirated music? :joy::joy::joy::man_facepalming: Ata siongei tena. Hii thread nimeaicha for good. You can use whatever arguments you need.


Now you see… you always miss the very important detail like supporting creativity of the bright minds… Am proud of being where I am which is as a result of not missing out even a single detail coz that may be the one carrying the much needed point

Again you are missing out… I said according to most Android lovers’ reviews and i stated categorically that you may not be one of them (Samsung lovers)… I bet you missed that too


ati a 2700mah iphone can outlast a 4000mah infinix :joy::joy::joy: hapo unajaribu kutubeba aje bro…gsmaerana battery enduarance chart hakuna iphone hata kwa top 20


Tiny power efficient chipsets and softwares is the key… I dont believe in making of huge batteries, I lean towards retaining smaller batteries but develop power efficient processors, communication modules, GPU, Bios etc… remember a wristwatch last upto six months with a battery of less than 1milliamp it all depends on how you look at it or like it.


This is the reason I dont argue with team Iphone :rofl::rofl::rofl:. .They will drag you down to their level and beat you with :roll_eyes:


Seriously @sarunibm kwani S9 runs on a different android as compared to infinix or techno they are powered by Android and it’s Android VS IOS not Samsung VS Apple but as i said Android P is the best and closest to IOS


I think we are comparing the experience between using an iPhone and an android. The experience on a $200 android is not the same as a $900 android. This is because of hardware differences and software customisation.


At this point, hawa watu wa iOS are just trolling. I think we should stop engaging them.

How can you compare an Infinix to an iPhone? iPhones cost 4-5x times as much.

As @SamuelN has said, a $900 Android phone will offer a much better experience than a $200 phone.

Kama mnataka kucompare Android and iOS, let each side bring their best. @sarunibm has offered to do so.

Si kucompare Infinix na iPhone. That is just absurd.


Tembea android kidogo upatane na Xiaomi, kule Screen On Time ya 8 hrs Tunasema phone imeisha charge haraka😂


@alfy admit bendgate was real - and while at it, if you get yourself an iPhone X, let it sink in that Samsung made that screen among other components.
Either way, whether you go android or ios on mobile - there isn’t such a huge difference if you live in this side of sub-Saharan Africa. add a few more bucks, and you get a better camera n screen. you could debate on the sensors, network bands etc but thats just it (for the average consumer, 30k can get them a fantastic gadget).


No. The point here is, Android is getting an unfair comparison. Yes, that TECNO runs on Android but do you honestly think someone using a TECNO Camon X Pro and Myself with the S9 have the same experience? Regardless of being on the same Android version? No.

So, to keep things fair, let’s compare a $700 iPhone to a $700 Android device. Fortunately, I have used both these phones, the iPhone 8 and the S9 and they both offer great things that are tied to their individual softwares however, thos debate of iOS vs Android will never end because there’s no clear winner and I think that’s why the guys supporting Android over here are getting angry because the Apple Sheep are undermining them instead of accepting that we all have different preferences and are attracted to different things.

Android has it’s pains, slow updates for most people and due to the variety, the hardware is also compromised when you look at the cheap options.

On the other hand, iOS is for people who like simplicity and notifications (this isn’t a pun). Apple has the advantage of making both the hardware and software and on top of that, they only make one or two flagship iPhones a year… Thus, iOS lacks variety.

To settle this, having had the privilege of using both cheap and expensive Android devices and also using the latest iPhones, I can say that the best phone is a combination of both and that is the Google Pixel. Don’t @ me!


Android boys getting mad for no reason u have simply refused to accept that that shitty ecosystem is broken be it on a $1000 phone or on $50 phone and they are trynna fix it with Android P and i am saying this coz I have had the privilege to use S8, infinix & iPhone 8 android is only fun on customization the rest is shit from apps to updates to usability